Obama’s Chef Tafari Campbell’s Mysterious Death Intensifies, Police Leave Call Log BLANK

Martha’s Vineyard law enforcement appears to have left a significant void in the details surrounding the tragic drowning of Obama’s private chef, Tafari Campbell.

The call log of the 911 distress call, received on the night of the accident, suspiciously leaves out the reason for the call, Daily Mail reported.

Tafari Campbell, 45, met his tragic end while paddle boarding on Great Edgartown Pond, Martha’s Vineyard, on Sunday night. He was reportedly not alone, but local police have yet to reveal the other person’s identity.

Police confirmed Campbell was visiting Martha’s Vineyard and was employed by the Obamas at the time of his death. Barack and Michelle Obama were not present at their home but were in town when the incident occurred.

On the night of the incident, the Edgartown Police Department’s logs confirm the receipt of a 911 distress call at precisely 7:46 pm, reporting the 45-year-old struggling to stay afloat on the surface before he drowned.

Oddly, the call log shows the reason for this call as BLANK – an inconsistency, considering that all other calls made that night had their reasons clearly mentioned.

Source: Edgartown Police Department

Dispatch calls between Martha’s Vineyard emergency services confirm the presence of a second paddle boarder with Campbell.

According to a statement from the Massachusetts State Police reported by MassLive, the unidentified paddleboarder tried to swim to Campbell but tragically, “did not reach him in time.”

After the failed rescue attempt, the individual managed to swim back to shore and alerted someone who then called 911.

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A female made the initial 911 call, who, as of 8:18 pm, was actively searching for Campbell on a boat, per Daily Mail.

Adding to the mystery, the call’s origin was noted as Wilson’s Landing, a popular paddle board launch site roughly two miles from the Obama residence on Turkeyland Cove. This information contradicts the Massachusetts State Police records, stating that the first call was originally from the Obamas’ house.

This additional information deepens the ongoing mystery surrounding the circumstances of Campbell’s death. As the identity of the other paddleboarder remains unknown, many questions are still unanswered. Why the 911 call log was left blank in the police records and why there are discrepancies regarding the call’s origin are questions that still need to be clarified.

According to Daily Mail, there was significant activity around the Obama residence on the night of the incident. A separate medical emergency was reported at a nearby residence at 11:40 pm.

Screenshot: dailyMail

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Campbell took a swimming lesson in 2019, contradicting initial assumptions that Campbell may have drowned due to an inability to swim.

Campbell’s body was discovered on Monday at 10 am, more than 12 hours after his reported fall, about 100ft from the shore in approximately 8ft of water.

The Massachusetts State Police have ruled out any suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, as there were no visible external injuries. The results of the toxicology test carried out during his autopsy are still awaited.


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