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Obama Was On The Scene After Personal Chef Died, Witness Was Interviewed In His Presence, Information Request Reveals

New details from an information request revealed that former President Barack Obama appeared on the scene after the surprise death of his personal chef Tafari Campbell, and that the Secret Service has surveillance footage of the man before he died.

A Freedom of Information Act request revealed that Obama was at the scene of the incident after Campbell went missing and drowned, PJ Media reported.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters revealed that his team obtained new information through a redacted report from the Massachusetts State Police.

New details included that a female staff member attempted to look for Campbell after he disappeared under water.

“We have new information tonight in the drowning death of Obama’s chef Tafari Campbell,” Watters announced. “The Massachusetts State Police responded to our FOIA request and released their report with some redactions.”

“According to the report, Obama was on the scene shortly after Campbell went missing,” the host continued. “The report also states an unnamed female staffer jumped into the water when Tafari fell off his board, but it was already too late. He disappeared.”

In addition, the Secret Service allegedly “has surveillance footage of Campbell from Obama’s compound moments before he entered the water.”

Watters noted that he and his team would attempt to obtain the footage.

Judicial Watch also announced that it had acquired 40 pages of records from the Massachusetts State Police, which were “heavily redacted.”

The documents indicated that “Barack Obama arrived at the emergency response scene via motorcade. A short time later, a cold, wet woman, who was a witness, arrived.”

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The records also reportedly stated that the unnamed female staffer was “interviewed in the Obama residence” the day after the incident, “again with Barack Obama present.”

Further documentation noted that Campbell’s family told police about him taking swimming lessons in 2019, but he was still described as “not a great swimmer.”

An unnamed Obama employee told state police that she saw Campbell “fall off his paddleboard,” before he “began splashing and became extremely panicked, yelling for help and subsequently went underwater very quickly.”

Campbell then “disappeared into the extremely murky” water.

Massachusetts Environmental Police reportedly estimated the water in question “to be approximately seven to eight feet deep.”

After Campbell’s death, Obama was was seen with a black eye and bandaged fingers. A 911 call log from the day of the incident was also called into question at the time after key information was either omitted or obscured.

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Ella Ford is a mother of two, a Christian conservative writer with degrees in American History, Social and Behavioral Science and Liberal Studies, based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.


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