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NYPD to Deploy Robot Cop to Times Square Subway Station

A police robot, called K-5, will patrol New York  City’s busiest subway station overnights in a new pilot program.

“We must use every available method,” Mayor Eric Adams said in a Friday morning news conference announcing the deployment of the robot.

The mayor said the city is leasing the robot for $9 an hour, noting that is below the minimum wage in the city.

“It’s cost-effective,” Adams said. “No bathroom breaks, no meal breaks.”

The 420-pound robot will be on patrol at the station from midnight to 5 a.m. during the two-month test in two weeks.

“We’re taking existing technology and putting it on wheels,” Adams said.

He stressed that while it will record video it will not record audio or facial recognition technology.

The robot will have a button on it to report a crime to a live person, but an NYPD officer will be with the robot at all times during the trial.

City officials hope the robot will be able to operate on its own after the test.

Knightscope manufactures the K-5. It said the 5-foot-tall robot can operate indoors or outside, and has a maximum speed of three miles per hour.

The company said it can recharge itself without any human intervention.

The New York Civil Liberties Union, which has criticized other technology the NYPD has rolled out, including robotic police dogs, says the police robot could create privacy issues.

“Even as city agencies are slashing their budgets, the NYPD is proudly boasting new and unnecessary surveillance tools,” said Daniel Schwarz, Senior Privacy and Technology Strategist for the New York Civil Liberties Union. “New Yorkers deserve comprehensive oversight, regulation, and transparency when it comes to new surveillance tools to ensure our personal data isn’t exploited and that no communities are harassed, targeted, or abused.”

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A similar robot is now being used to patrol an Ohio shopping center. The robot named S.A.M. began patrolling the streets of an outdoor mall in Westlake last month.

A police robot, called K-5, will patrol New York City’s business subway station.NYPD







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