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NYPD Shuts Down Several Brothels Pretending to Be Massage Parlors in Queens

New York City has decided to take action against sex trafficking by targeting various establishments known to play host to prostitution in Queens. Prostitution is illegal in the Big Apple, according to Fox News Digital.

As NYPD officers cracked down on the establishments, NYC Mayor Eric Adams could be seen leading the way. The 12 brothels ultimately busted were masquerading as massage parlors, according to reports.

Mayor Adams took to X following the sting, writing: “I was proud to join @NYPD115Pct tonight on an important quality of life enforcement operation to shut down six establishments that were breaking the law and perpetuating prostitution. Prostitution is not a victimless crime — sex trafficking, abuse, and more. There are so many concerns in our communities and we are taking action.”

He went on to mention that the conditions within the brothels were “inhumane.” By the number of beds that were in the establishments, Adams claimed that it was certain sex trafficking had taken place, according to the New York Post.

“Sex trafficking is real, and these horrid conditions just makes it clear why the New York City Police Department — we’re not just gonna sit idly by and pretend that it does not happen,” Adams said.

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“This is not just some fast-food restaurant.”

Adams ultimately gave credit to Councilman Francisco Moya, who represents the community on the City Council. NYPD Chief John Chell went on to praise Moya for “pushing the buttons and getting this going.”

“For this community, this is what they want to see. The councilman represents this community,” Chell added. “Sex trafficking is terrible. The city’s not going to tolerate it.”

Additionally, NYPD Assistant Commissioner Kaz Daughtry said that the authorities had planned to hit six or seven more locations where sex trafficking has taken place.

“We will come, we will send our undercovers in, we will do everything within the law to shut you down,” Daughtry said. “If you open up again under a different name, we’re going to repeat the process again, come back, and shut you down again.”

“You have women out here scantily dressed,” Daughtry said. “Do you want your kids to see that? This is unacceptable. The residents have spoken. We have heard them, and this is the result of the residents in Corona and East Elmhurst. This is the results. This is the first location, and we’re just getting started.”

However, it does not appear any arrests were made in the sting.




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