Musk Strikes Again, AOC Hit with Brutal Fact Checks After Trying to Own GOP on Economics


New York progressive firebrand Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might have graduated from Boston University with a double major in international relations and economics, but one of her latest tweets suggests that she might have slept through much of the economics part.

Ocasi-Cortez must have thought she had a real winner against Republicans when she tweeted out on Monday some stats she obtained from the GOP’s official twitter account announcing a recent statistic in regards to the number of people in Joe Biden’s America who are living paycheck to paycheck.

The GOP’s tweet read, “60% of workers report living paycheck-to-paycheck.”

She then captioned her retweet with a statement that she doubtless regretted as she was relentlessly mocked for someone who holds an economics degree and graduated cum laude from a prestigious university, as Snopes previously confirmed.

“And yet y’all still voted against raising the minimum wage,” AOC replied.

“Raising the minimum wage just makes everything else MORE expensive. Meaning it enhances daily life ZERO. Therefore it amounts to absolutely nothing except tricking voters to vote for you,” Graham Allen tweeted in response.

However, even better than the hilarious responses to her misinformed, low IQ reply to the GOP, she was brutally fact-checked thanks to Elon Musk expanding the use of the “Community Notes” addendums to tweets that need more context and explanation, something that Twitter users generally never witnessed happened against people like AOC under Twitter’s old management.

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Several Community Notes sources pointed out that a Deseret News piece reported that it’s not only minimum wage workers presently living paycheck to paycheck, seeing that record-setting inflation has caused higher earners to fall back to living that way due to declining or fading savings accounts.

In addition, the Community Notes on AOC’s tweet also pointed to a Forbes explainer that demonstrates how high inflation can completely cancel out wage increases. It’s a simple approach: if you received a 5 percent raise and inflation is at 8 percent, it’s a wage reduction.


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