Mother Shared Intimate Details of Her Daughters DIVORCE In a Christmas Letter ‘Sent to 500 People’

A woman was left shocked after claiming her mother disclosed personal details of her ‘messy divorce’ in a family Christmas letter that was sent out to 500 people, most of whom she barely knew. 

The awkward ordeal was explained by Laura Kinney, 30, from Atlanta, Georgia, on her TikTok.  Kinney explained that her mom Caroline, sends out a holiday card every year to most everyone in her town.

Laura said that usually the letters focus on more positive and exciting things that have happened. However, this year, her mother decided to let everyone know about her daughters very tough break up.

With it, she also includes a ‘newsletter’ with an ‘update’ on ‘everything going on in her family’s lives.’

And now, 2022’s Christmas letter from the Kinney’s included almost every aspect of what led to Laura and Jake’s split as well as the heartbreak and devastation Laura felt afterwards.

‘Our 2022 could probably best be labeled as “a year of the unexpected” both in good and bad ways,’ the letter began.

‘You know the saying, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” But honestly, isn’t that just life?’

It goes on to explained that Laura and Jake moved to Sevierville, Tennessee, together earlier this year, where they both landed jobs as performers at the Dolly Parton-themed amusement park, Dollywood.

All seemed well. But unfortunately, it wasn’t,’ the note continued. ‘Long story short, Jake did not need nor want to be married any longer.

‘He refused all suggestions of counseling, declared that he wanted a divorce, and began living as though he was single (to put it kindly). Laura was blindsided and devastated.’

Caroline explained that Laura finished her summer contract with Dollywood before moving back to Atlanta, where she now works at Simplicity Pediatric Therapy. 

‘All things considered, she’s doing quite well, although, there is a lot of healing that still needs to happen,’ she concluded.

Her divorce became final on September 19, two days before what would have been her three-year wedding anniversary.

‘It has been hard watching someone we love so much go through such a painful time. But I am grateful that she is out of that toxic relationship.’

Laura explained on TikTok that her mother felt like she had to ‘let all of their readers know’ what had happened because they ‘couldn’t just have someone missing from the Christmas card with no explanation.’

‘I grew up in a very traditional southern family, we send out a Christmas card to 500 different families – some of them know us, some of them don’t really know us at all,’ she said in a video discussing the letter.

The Christmas card has a picture but in addition, it has a 10-point, Times New Roman, single space, double sided letter – like a newsletter, a family update of everything going on in my family’s life.


Remember that one time my mom included ALL of the details of my messy divorce in our family Christmas letter? Because same. #fyp #christmasletter #divorcetok

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