Morbidly Obese Purported Thieves In California Waddle To Their Cars With Loot While Onlooker Films Spectacle

Three women suspected of shoplifting from a California Burlington store were caught on camera waddling slowly wheeling out three shopping carts of merchandise in a broad-daylight spectacle over the weekend.

Sacramento police verified with The Post on Tuesday that they’re actively investigating the alleged theft that took place Saturday at a local store.

Video of the brazen incident showed up online displaying the plus-size suspects making a break for it in the parking lot of the shopping center on North Freeway Drive and loading the goods into a red Dodge Charger as alarms blared in the background.

“Damn, look at these people stealing! Say hi to the camera!” the man filming can be heard taunting the women in the video as they throw piles of clothes and shoes into the trunk of the car.

“Look at this s–t. What the f–k is this?” he says, walking toward them


Three women were caught on camera shoplifting from a Burlington store in California.

The women wheeled out three shopping carts of merchandise.
Instagram / 916 Times

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The video, which was shared on Instagram by @ppv_tahoe, shows that the women had also parked in a handicapped parking spot without a placard during the spree.

The quick-thinking cameraman made sure to get a close-up of the car’s license plate and even asked one of the women her name before she secured the trunk shut and sped away, gunning the engine.

The Sacramento Police Department said a police report had been filed.

The police are investigating but there have been no arrests yet.
Instagram / 916 Times

Retail theft in America has increased 90% since 2018.
Instagram / 916 Times

“No arrests have been made at this point, however, this is an active investigation,” police said.

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The Post has reached out to Burlington’s corporate offices for comment.

The theft is the latest in a swelling epidemic of organized shoplifting that has affected cities across the country.

Retail theft in America has skyrocketed to $94 billion — an alarming 90% increase since 2018, according to the National Retail Federation.

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