Mali Man Goes on Stabbing Spree in Paris, Media Describes Him as “Italian”

A man from Mali went on a random stabbing spree in France’s Gare de Lyon station, but the media reported him as being “an Italian” because he presented police with an Italian driving license.

The attack left three people injured, with one victim being left in a “life threatening situation and in intensive care.”

The suspect also reportedly used a hammer to strike his victims.

“A man thought to be an Italian appeared to slash people at random at the Gare de Lyon, in the east of the French capital, at around 8am,” reports the Daily Mail.

Numerous other news outlets are also reporting that the man is “Italian,” despite him being from Mali, because he presented police with an Italian driving license.

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“He was found to have an Italian driving licence on him, and did not offer any motive for his actions. There were no slogans shouted,” said a police spokesperson.

The culprit was quickly arrested and the station was evacuated and shut down.

The motivation behind the attack remains “unknown,” although some sources are reporting the suspect is an asylum seeker.

Paris has suffered multiple such attacks, which have almost become a routine part of life since the country accelerated the importation of migrants.

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Earlier this week In London, an Afghan man who was given asylum in the UK despite being a convicted sex offended acid attacked 12 people and is still on the run.

The Telegraph reports  that Abdul Ezedi’s inclusion on the sex offenders register should have barred him from being given asylum, but he was handed right to remain anyway.

As we highlight in the video below, the BBC responded by platforming two women who claimed the attack had nothing to do with open borders and immigration, and that the real cause was “misogyny”.




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