Little Girl Becomes Stuck In a Claw Machine While Trying to ‘Steal’ a Toy From Inside

A toddler became trapped inside an arcade claw machine while on holiday after following the dodgy advice of her malicious big sister and trying to ‘steal’ a toy from inside.

Amusing footage shows four year old Poppy Pearson stuck inside the machine bawling after her six year old sister, Savannah, coerced her to sneak inside to grab a teddy bear.

Their mum Melanie Pike and her partner Brett Pearson told Daily Mail Australia they couldn’t help but laugh at her adorable antics.

‘My partner is a chippy (carpenter) by trade so I knew he would get her out,’ Ms Pike said.

‘He’s the true hero. I was just laughing and filming.’

Mr. Pearson advised Poppy to crouch down and extend her legs forward.

Poppy was then able to be pulled out by him and then lectured about the pitfalls of ‘stealing’.

‘There you go,’ he says when Poppy emerges. ‘That’s why you don’t steal out of vending machines.’ 

Since the video started doing the rounds on social media, Ms. Pike said that daredevil Poppy has become an instant celebrity everywhere she goes now.

She’s telling all her friends she’s famous now,’ Ms Pike said.

‘It’ll be a great funny story for her 18th birthday.’

She also thanked the staff at the venue for their quick response.

‘They had the key and were on the way so we weren’t to stressed,’ she said.

The family who is from from Darwin are currently in the middle of a dream five-week caravan holiday with their three girls, Poppy, and twins Savannah and Ivy when risk taker Poppy got stuck. They will now continue their trip with much to talk about when they return home.

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Earlier this year in May, a boy climbed into a claw machine at Sugarworld Shopping Center in Cairns. He has to be rescued by firefighters,

Thank goodness everything ended well for both children.

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