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Lego Blocks Police From Using Toy Heads to Protect Suspects’ IDs in Quirky Online Posts

Lego has come down on a California police department like a ton of bricks — albeit politely — asking it to stop adding digital toy heads on suspects’ faces, which it has been doing to comply with a woke state law protecting offenders’ rights.

Lego has asked the Murrieta Police Department in California to stop sharing booking photos and mugshots of people suspected of non-violent crimes with toy heads replacing their faces. Murrieta Police Department

Murrieta police went viral for posting hilarious images with suspects’ faces replaced by Lego heads after the state Legislature passed a bill prohibiting the release of mugshots and booking photos of those accused of nonviolent crimes.

But the toy giant is not playing around and wants to block the agency from using the cute likenesses.

“The Lego Group reached out to us and respectfully asked us to refrain from using their intellectual property in our social media content which of course we understand and will comply with,” police spokesman Lt. Jeremy Durrant told Fox News Digital.


The Murrieta Police Department in California has been digitally replacing the faces of suspected non-violent offenders with Lego heads in booking photos. Murrieta Police Department

“We are currently exploring other methods to continue publishing our content in a way that is engaging and interesting to our followers,” he added to the outlet.

Images on the department’s Instagram page showed the digitally superimposed blocks with a variety of facial expressions — crying, frowning, smirking or raging.

A new law bars California law enforcement agencies from sharing mugshots and booking photos of people accused of non-violent crimes. Murrieta Police Department


Police in Murrieta have been using Legos and emojis in booking photos to protect citizens’ presumption of innocence. Murrieta Police Department

One appeared to show two suspects handcuffed in the back of a patrol car — with the Lego face on one angrily looking at the other, whose toy head is crying.

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Another showed five people in a lineup who were completely unrecognizable because of the toy heads.

“The Murrieta Police Department prides itself in its transparency with the community, but also honors everyone’s rights & protections as afforded by law; even suspects,” the police agency said on social media last week.

At least on one occasion, the agency used a Barbie head in a booking photo. Murrieta Police Department

“In order to share what is happening in Murrieta, we chose to cover the faces of suspects to protect their identity while still aligning with the new law,” it added.

In 2021, the California Legislature passed Assembly Bill 1475, which prohibits local law enforcement agencies from publishing images of suspects in nonviolent crimes.

When a man in a Shrek t-shirt was arrested, cops replaced his face with that of the famous cartoon ogre. Murrieta Police Department

Last year, the state also passed AB 994, which requires mugs of any suspect to be removed from social media within 14 days unless there are special circumstances, according to the LA Times.

Durrant previously told the news outlet that the department has been obscuring faces in photos in various ways for the past couple of years.

The department has been obscuring suspects’ faces by using emojis, Barbie dolls and even “Shrek” characters.

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