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Kathy Griffin Pleads With Fans To Buy Tickets For Her Comedy Tour

Comedian Kathy Griffin is begging fans to buy tickets to her upcoming comedy tour, saying tickets are “not selling well.”

Kathy Griffin put our her plea to fans in a recent video posted to her various social media accounts.

“It’s all about the tour, man. Just freaking get me to opening night in Des Moines. And Omaha is not selling well. First of all, there’s not enough people there,” the anti-Trump comedian said. (Both Iowa and Nebraska voted heavily in favor of then-President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.)

“I need comedy fans to come out and see me in Kansas City. Come on! I need sell-outs. I’ve been through hell. I’ve been through so much crap since my last tour. I actually just have to laugh at it. I just have to laugh.”

@kathygriffin on (X):
Living by the wise words of my dear friend Joan Rivers during these times!! “When you’re heartbroken you’re your funniest” right now I must be a riot!! This tour means everything to me so don’t miss out and please buy your tickets!!

Griffin hinted the tour will include jokes about former President Donald Trump’s courtroom battle with E. Jean Carroll.

The comedian has struck up a friendship with Carroll in recent years, with Carroll posting photos of them together on Instagram.

Griffin recently filed for divorce from her husband, Randy Bick. She also revealed that she got her lips “tattooed,” resulting in a pronounced swollen appearance.

The comedian has been complaining that she is suffering from PTSD due to the enormous public backlash when she was photographed with a replica of the bloody severed head of then-President Donald Trump.

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Five-and-a-half years ago, disgraced comedienne Kathy Griffin hoisted a replica of then-President Trump’s bloody, severed head and is now running around looking for sympathy over her “complex PTSD.”

As a fellow human being, I’m sorry she has “complex PTSD“—I’m sorry she’s unhappy at all. Still, she reminds me of someone who taunts a bear at the park and then gets eaten. You brought it on yourself, sweetheart.

What Griffin did was so beyond acceptable that even the corporate media and entertainment world said so. Admittedly, I was shocked that the corporate media and entertainment world had that much residual decency in their increasingly dry decency tank, but that’s how obscene Griffin’s actions were.



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