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Kamala Laughs Admits Her Office IS Like ‘Veep”, Says DeSantis Doesn’t ‘Understand’ Ukraine War

Kamala Harris said that Ron DeSantis doesn’t comprehend the intricacies of the war in Ukraine and its repercussions on U.S. sovereignty in a late-night interview where she was caught off-guard when asked to describe the proper position of the vice president.

President Joe Biden‘s No. 2 laughed it off when The Late Show host Stephen Colbert asked her if being vice president was like an episode of Veep, to which Harris grinned and said parts of the sitcom are ‘actually quite accurate.’

Her attack on DeSantis during the show Wednesday evening came after the Florida governor called the war in Ukraine a ‘territorial dispute’ and joined others who bashed Biden for sending billions in aid.

Harris, who Biden exclaims has every aim of being on his ticket if he runs for reelection in 2024, is visiting Iowa on Thursday for her first trip to the early primary contest state since taking office.

‘What do you make of someone like Governor DeSantis… saying that this is not in America’s strategic interest to side with the Ukrainians and offer them the material aid they need to defend themselves against an invading power?’ Colbert asked Harris.

‘When you have had the experience of meeting and understanding the significance, again, of international rules and norms – and the importance of the United States of America standing firm and clear about the significance of sovereignty and territorial integrity, the significance of standing firm against any nation that would try to take by force another nation,’ explained Harris.

The Biden administration and Congress have set aside a staggering $113 billion in American taxpayer funds for Ukraine in a conflict that has no end in sight

She went on to account her meetings with prime ministers, presidents, kings and other world leaders, and maintaining it has given her the insight to understand the relevance of U.S. involvement internationally.

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‘If you really understand the issues, you probably wouldn’t make statements like that,’ she said of DeSantis.

Harris then pressed her lips together and tilted her head to one side at Colbert before the crowd exploded in a compulsory cheer – a signature of late-night television.

Madison, Mason, and Mamie joined us as we cast our votes for freedom. Proud to be your Governor — Proud to Keep Florida Free! (Facebook)

DeSantis has not yet disclosed a bid for the GOP 2024 primary election, but is anticipated to join the race in the coming months.


Ukraine’s foreign ministry requested DeSantis to visit the war-torn nation after he dismissed the combat with Russia as a ‘territorial dispute’ and advocated the federal government focus-in on domestic issues instead.

The latest admonition of massive financial and arms support for Ukraine comes as Republicans in Congress are demanding more scrutiny for the $113 billion in aid sent to Kyiv last year.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has said Ukraine should not get a ‘blank check’ from the U.S.

Ukraine’s foreign ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko criticized DeSantis’s comments made during an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson earlier this week.

‘We are sure that as a former military officer deployed to a combat zone, Governor Ron DeSantis knows the difference between a ‘dispute’ and war,’ Nikolenko said in a Tuesday evening tweet.


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