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Judge Issues Gag Order On Trump After He Criticizes Court Clerk Photo With Chuck Schumer

The New York state Supreme Court judge presiding over the fraud trial of former President Donald Trump issued a gag order after Trump posted a photograph of one of the judge’s clerks with Democrat Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York.

Justice Arthur Engoron issued the order on Tuesday as a part of the trial concerning the civil charges filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James against Trump, his two sons, and the Trump Organization.

Engoron’s partial gag rule barred Trump and any other party in the case from speaking publicly or posting about members of his court staff.

“Personal attacks on members of my court staff are not appropriate and I will not tolerate it under any circumstance,” Engoron said. “Failure to abide by this order will result in serious sanctions.”

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Trump issued the criticism on a post on Truth Social where he referred to the clerk as “Schumer’s girlfriend.”

“How disgraceful! This case should be dismissed immediately!” he wrote.

Engoron said in his order that the accusations against his clerk were “disparaging” and “untrue.”

In September Engoron issued a judgement finding that Trump had defrauded banks and other institutions for more than a decade by overestimating the value of his properties and his net worth. That is just one part of the allegations made against the Trumps in the lawsuit.

“He claims that if the values of the property have gone up in the years since the (financial statements) were submitted, then the numbers were not inflated at that time,” Engoron wrote in the previous ruling. “He also seems to imply that the numbers cannot be inflated because he could find a ‘buyer from Saudi Arabia’ to pay any price he suggests.”

James is seeking a $250 million fine on the Trumps and a ban on their doing business in the state of New York.

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Trump went on the attack against James in a statement made to the press while she sat just a few feet away from him in court.

“Her numbers are fraudulent. She’s a fraud. Her numbers are fraudulent and this case should be dismissed,” he said.

The former president also confirmed Tuesday that he would be testifying in his defense at the trial, which is expected to last about three months.

Here’s more about the gag order:



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