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Johnson’s Generous Ukraine Aid Package Allows Biden to Forgive 50% of “Loans”on November 15 and 100% of “Loans” to Ukraine Later On

In a move that has raised eyebrows across the conservative spectrum, the Biden administration’s latest aid package to Ukraine seems to be less of a loan and more of a gift, with provisions allowing for forgiveness of up to 100% of the funds. This decision underscores a growing concern about fiscal responsibility and the prioritization of American interests.

The package in question, championed by Representative Mike Johnson and his colleagues, includes an eye-watering $40 billion in assistance to Ukraine. While support for an ally under siege is commendable, the terms of this aid have sparked debate. According to the legislation, there is an option for President Biden to forgive 50% of these “loans” come November 15th, with the potential for complete forgiveness down the line.

This financial maneuver has been met with criticism from those who are wary of unchecked government spending and increasing national debt. The United States is already navigating through turbulent economic waters with a national debt exceeding $31 trillion. Critics argue that such generous loan forgiveness could set a precedent that encourages fiscal laxity.

The details outlined in the House Republicans’ one-pager on the supplemental appropriations acts reveal that this package also includes billions in additional funding for defense equipment, humanitarian assistance, and economic support. While bolstering Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression is a noble cause, some question whether this level of U.S. involvement is sustainable or prudent given domestic challenges.

The Gateway Pundit reported on this development under stark headlines, emphasizing how “RINOs win” while “Americans lose.” The article reflects deep-seated concerns within conservative circles about Republican leaders who may appear too willing to compromise or diverge from what some constituents see as core conservative principles—fiscal conservatism being one such principle.

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CNN provided coverage on Representative Johnson’s perspective regarding the aid package. He defended it as necessary support for Ukraine’s fight for freedom against Russian aggression. However, even within his own party lines, there are those who feel uneasy about such commitments when American communities are wrestling with issues like inflation and infrastructure deficits.

The debate over foreign aid versus domestic priorities isn’t new but has been brought into sharp relief by this recent legislative action. It raises questions about where American taxpayer dollars are best spent and whether there is enough scrutiny over how these funds are allocated and potentially forgiven.

As discussions continue around this controversial aid package, it remains clear that many conservatives hold steadfast to their belief in fiscal responsibility and cautious international engagement—principles they feel should guide America’s approach both at home and abroad.


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Ella Ford is a mother of two, a Christian conservative writer with degrees in American History, Social and Behavioral Science and Liberal Studies, based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.


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