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Jill Biden Unveils This Year’s TACKY White House Christmas Decorations

Dr. Jill on Monday unveiled this year’s tacky White House Christmas decorations.

“Nearly 15,000 feet of ribbon, more than 350 candles and over 22,000 bells were used for the decorations, the White House said. More than 142,425 lights twinkle on trees, garlands, wreaths and other displays.” CBS News reported.

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“Seventy-two wreaths sporting red ribbons adorn the north and south exteriors of the White House.” the outlet said.

“For this year’s holidays at the White House, our theme is inspired by how children experience this festive season: completely present in the beauty and bounty around them, their senses alight, with hearts open to the “Magic, Wonder, and Joy” of the season,” Jill Biden said.

“We have Santa’s magical sleigh suspended in the air in the Grand Foyer, a working train running around the Official White House Christmas Tree, and a Gingerbread White House that celebrates the 200th Anniversary of a childhood favorite, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas!” Jill Biden said.

“In this season of reflection and goodwill, we hope you will embrace your inner child and delight in simply being present with those you love,” Joe and Jill Biden wrote in a welcome letter. “It is a time for our senses to awaken — for each of us to smell the aroma of favorite family recipes, to hear the warmth of a dear friend’s voice, to see the glow of lights and decorations, to taste the sweetness of candies and treats, and to feel the quiet stillness and strength of faith.”

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Jill Biden did not even mention Jesus Christ in her message to Americans.

This year’s decorations include flying reindeer, floating ice cream cones and cupcakes.

There is also a chaotic scene at the base of one of the Christmas trees…


The main entryway into the White House showcases Santa’s sleigh flying through the air with his eight reindeer. Jill Biden praised it as one of her favorite parts of the decor. ‘They were made from paper mache. I mean – it’s just so cool. And it’s like they’re leaping from the storybooks page,’ she said.

The East Room contains Advent calendars counting down the days to Christmas and, behind each number, is a special surprise that will be revealed as the holiday season continues. The Blue Room contains the official White House Christmas Tree – an 18½ foot Fraser Fir from Fleetwood, North Carolina . This year’s tree is decorated with scenes, landscapes, and neighborhoods from all across the country, with names of every state, territory, and the District of Columbia on display.

A replica of a vintage passenger train, on loan from the Train Collectors Association, runs around the tree’s base. The Red Room pays tribute to Jill Biden’s support for military families and her Joining Forces Initiative. The ornaments are created out of handprints and painted family portraits of military-connected children. The First Lady kept the tradition – going back to 1975 – of having fresh cranberries as part of the decor but, this year, the berries are woven through handmade popcorn garland.

The State Dining Room was transformed into Santa’s workshop with elves’ workbenches, stools, and ladders around the Christmas Trees. Life-sized nutcrackers and ballerinas abound around the room. It also holds the Gingerbread White House. This year’s version includes a tribute to Twas the Night Before Christmas with a sugar cookie replica of the famous book.

The columns on the colonnade were decorated with red peppermint stripes and red peppermint Christmas candy made up the wreaths on the windows. Jill Biden made it clear that childlike wonder is her goal for visitors when they see the White House.

It’s in these times, when we are searching for hope and healing, that we need those points of light the most – that we need each other the most,’ she said. ‘It’s in these times that I hope you remember, if even just for a moment or a season, how you saw the world as a child.’

Last year Jill’s team glued obnoxious gold balls to the doorway. (See below)

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Contrast that to Melania’s classy White House Christmas Decor below:

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