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Jill Biden Slams ‘horrible’ Republicans For Showing Nude Hunter Photos During Hearing

Jill Biden slammed the ‘horrible’ House Republicans for showing nude photographs of Hunter Biden in their hearings and said what they are doing to her son is ‘cruel.’

‘What they are doing to Hunter is cruel, and I’m really proud of how he has rebuilt his life after addiction. I love my son. It’s hurt my grandchildren. That’s what I’m so concerned about, that it’s affecting their lives as well,’ the first lady said in an interview that aired on Morning Joe on Thursday.

Biden sat down with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski to discuss the 2024 presidential campaign and her work as first lady. She defended her family during the conversation and argued President Joe Biden‘s age is an asset to the country.

Horrible,’ was the word Biden used when Brzezinski asked her about Republicans showing photos of Hunter in the House.

The interview aired the day after Hunter Biden crashed Republicans’ contempt hearing on Capitol Hill, a surprising move that resulted in chaos in the Capitol. He only stayed about 20 minutes and, shortly after he left, Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene showed a nude photo of him.

Republicans have heavily targeted Hunter Biden, charging President Biden with using his official position to enrich his family via Hunter’s businesses. The president has said he was not involved in his son’s business dealings.

Brzezinski asked the first lady about the criticism from the other side, including calling them ‘the Biden crime family’ and criticizing her husband for being a ‘liar’ and ‘mentally incompetent.’

Biden responded the investigation by Republicans of her family and the protests against them, such as the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ meme, have made her even more determined to see Joe Biden get another term in the White House.

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‘Oh, that makes me want to be in the fight even more, because we have to win. We must win. We cannot let go of our democracy,’ she said.

She also slammed ‘extremists’ like MAGA Republicans, echoing a criticism her husband uses on the campaign trail.

‘It’s hard to see what the other side – the extremists – have turned this country into, I mean, we would never see things like that, say, ten years ago,’ Biden said.

Hunter Biden leaves a House hearing on Wednesday after making a brief appearance in the room where Republicans were pushing to hold him in contempt of Congress

And asked what happens if they don’t win a second term, she said: ‘I can’t even think about it.’

She also defended Biden’s age. At 81, he is the oldest American to win the White House and, if he gets a second term, would be 86 when it finishes.

‘He can do it. I see Joe every day. I see him out, you know, traveling around this country. I see his vigor. I see his energy. I see his passion every single day,’ she said.

‘I say his age is an asset,’ she continued, adding ‘he’s wise. He has wisdom. He has experience. He knows every leader on the world stage. He’s lived history. He knows history. He’s thoughtful in his decisions. He is the right man or the right person for the job at this moment in history.’

Multiple polls have shown voters are worried about Biden’s age in a way they are not worried about Donald Trump’s, who is 77 and the frontrunner for the GOP nomination. Other polls have shown that Democrats want another option or a new generation of leaders to take over.

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But President Biden and his team have tried to turn his age into an asset by calling him experienced.

In the interview Jill Biden also described how Joe Biden works into the night.

‘His job doesn’t end when we just have dinner together at 7 pm,’ she said.

‘He’s on the phone, and he’s on the phone with leaders of foreign countries, and he’s on the phone with his cabinet or he’s on the phone with somebody who’s lost their home because of a tornado, or going through some personal problem. So I see that strength and that resilience and that steadiness every single day, and he’s unflappable,’ she said.

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