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IRS Whistleblower Reveals Hunter Biden Took Tax Deductions For ‘prostitutes, sex clubs, and his adult children’s tuitions’

The House Oversight Committee led by Rep. James Comer (R-KY) held a hearing with IRS whistleblowers on Wednesday.

At least two IRS whistleblowers have come forward to reveal Hunter Biden received preferential treatment throughout the mop-up operation disguised as an investigation.

The anonymous whistleblower, identified as Joseph Ziegler, finally came forward publicly on Wednesday: “Today, I sit here before you, not as a hero or a victim, but as a whistleblower compelled to disclose the truth.

He continued, “I believe I am risking my career, my reputation, and my casework outside of the investigation we are here to discuss. I ultimately made the decision to come forward after what I believe were multiple attempts at blowing the whistle in the Internal Revenue Service. No one should be above the law, regardless of your political affiliation.”

IRS WHISTLEBLOWER JOSEPH ZIEGLER: “There is NOTHING that indicates Hunter Biden will be required to amend his false tax return for 2018 — a false tax return that includes improper deductions for prostitutes, sex clubs, and his adult children’s tuition.”



At least two IRS whistleblowers have come forward to reveal Hunter Biden received preferential treatment throughout the mop-up operation disguised as an investigation.

Zieger said David Weiss, the US Attorney from Delaware, was hamstrung and marginalized by DOJ officials.

“It appeared to me, based on what I experienced, that the U.S. Attorney in Delaware in our investigation was constantly hamstrung, limited, and marginalized by DOJ officials,” Ziegler said.

@CollinRugg on Twitter:

JUST IN: The FBI agent involved in the investigation of Hunter Biden was told by the FBI just hours before he was set to testify to the House Oversight Committee to *not* respond to their questions about the president’s son. Just more collusion by the FBI to protect the Biden Crime family. According to a letter obtained by the New York Post, FBI general counsel Jason Jones sent a letter on Sunday to the FBI special agent who investigated Hunter Biden, pressuring him not to testify to the House Oversight Committee. “[T]he Department expects that you will decline to respond to questions seeking non-public information likely covered by one or more components of executive privilege or other significant confidentiality interests, in particular information about deliberations or ongoing investigative activity in law enforcement matters,” the letter read. The agent appeared to ignore the demand by the FBI and proceeded to confirm multiple allegations made by IRS whistleblowers including that Hunter Biden evaded millions in taxes and was tipped off about an interview. Dismantle the FBI.


David Weiss signed a June 7 letter claiming he had been granted “ultimate authority” over the Hunter Biden case.

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This contradicts what an IRS whistleblower heard David Weiss say during one of his in-person meetings with the prosecutor.

Mark Lytle, an attorney for IRS whistleblower Gary Shapely told Fox News host Martha MacCallum that US Attorney David Weiss, the Trump-appointed Delaware prosecutor assigned to Hunter Biden’s case, said he had no power to bring charges against Hunter Biden.

Whistleblower Gary Shapely said David Weiss disclosed this to him on one of his in-person meetings with the US Attorney.

Shapley’s lawyer recently told Fox News that Weiss tried to charge Hunter Biden in California and DC, but the Joe Biden-appointed US Attorneys would not approve.

“Weiss said he tried to go to the DC US Attorney’s office and they wouldn’t approve it. And he was trying to go charge it elsewhere in California – and he was trying to seek special counsel authority and that got denied and so this was a shocker to the agents who were present,” Mark Lytle told Fox News.


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