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Inside Trump Prosecutor Nathan Wade’s $6,000 Spending Spree on Luxury Cruises and Caribbean Resorts

All aboard the love boat!

Details of the luxury cruises Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis’ allegedly took with special prosecutor Nathan Wade have been uncovered as part of his unsealed divorce documents.

Credit card statements included in Wade’s divorce file from wife of 26 years, Joycelyn, show his spending over $6,000 on travel in October and November 2022.

Lawyers for Joycelyn noted how Wade booked flights for himself, Willis, and his mother to Miami and on the same day paid over $2,500 to Royal Caribbean Cruises.

The Royal Caribbean cruise ship Freedom of the Seas which Nathan Wade and Fani Willis allegedly took a romantic trip aboard after he was named special prosecutor.

Before the month was out he’d also charged $992 on Freedom of the Seas, a luxury liner that travels between Florida and the Caribbean.

“The evidence is clear that Ms. Willis was an intended travel partner for at least some of these trips as indicated by flights he [Nathan] purchased for her to accompany him,” Joycelyn’s attorney, Andrea Hastings, wrote in court documents.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis speaks at a press conference next to prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Aboard ship Wade and Willis, if she was indeed with him, would have enjoyed a choice of four different pools as well as a spa, a “Casino Royale” for gamblers, a full-size theatre and numerous restaurants and bars, including the Bull & Bear English pub.

The cruise ship, which has a capacity of almost 4,000 passengers, even boasts a climbing wall, mini golf and basketball court.

Wade’s credit card records also showed other charges, including $370 charged at the swanky Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort Spa and Casino, a four-star hotel where rooms typically cost over $600 per night.

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The resort’s amenities include beach and poolside services, couple’s spa treatments, activities such as lessons in how to play “blackjack and roulette 101” and vintage wines served at its posh resort bar.

Yet another cruise charge was added in November, with Wade paying over $3,000 to the Norwegian Cruise Line. Although the exact details remain under wraps, Norwegian operates luxury cruise ships boasting “romantic suites with queen beds, private balconies” and onboard shopping, live music and steakhouses.

Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade during a hearing in the election interference case. He has yet to publicly address accusations of his ‘improper’ relationship with District Attorney Fani Willis.

Court documents also show Wade also paid an additional $3,835 to a travel agency, Vacation Express.

At the time of the luxury travel charges, Wade was working as special prosecutor for Willis on the case against Donald Trump and over a dozen others accused of election interference in Georgia.

Former President Donald Trump and over a dozen co-defendants have been charged in a 41-count indictment accusing them of scheming to overturn Georgia’s 2020 presidential election results.

Nathan was appointed by Willis on November 1, 2021 and the next day he filed for divorce, court documents obtained by The Post show.

Since then Wade and Joycelyn have been locked in a battle to settle the divorce, with Wade accused of hiding his earnings, avoiding filing relevant paperwork and attempting to settle the divorce without fairly dividng their assets.

Each has also accused the other of having an affair during their 26-year marriage. The documents had also been sealed until Monday, when a judge ruled it was in the public’s interest to know their contents.

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Joycelyn’s attorneys want both Wade and Willis to take the stand to get the full details of how much he has been spending on their alleged trysts.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has been accused of an ‘improper’ relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

“Defendant [Joycelyn] seeks to depose Ms. Willis in order to determine details surrounding her romantic affair with Plaintiff [Nathan], as there appears to be no reasonable explanation for their travels apart from a romantic relationship,” Hastings wrote in an affidavit.

“Contrary to Ms. Willis’s belief, the Defendant is not utilizing the deposition to harass her but rather to seek pertinent information from her husband’s paramour regarding her relationship with Plaintiff and the extent of Plaintiff’s financial involvement in the same.

A Norwegian cruise ship docked in Miami. Court records show Nathan Wade had purchased travel with the cruise company.

“These answers are relevant to the equitable division of the marital estate, dissipation of marital assets, and the Plaintiff’s capacity to provide spousal support.”

Joycelyn’s lawyers have also alleged in court papers Willis took her on a trip to California’s premiere wine destination, Napa Valley.

Allegations of a romance between the prosecutors first surfaced when Trump co-defendant Mike Roman asked to have the criminal charges against him dismissed on the grounds of an “improper” and “clandestine” relationship between Willis and Nathan.


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