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Inside the Town That BANISHED Smartphones for Children Under 12

The digital world often eclipses reality, one Irish town stands as a beacon of traditional values and common sense. Greystones, a coastal town in County Wicklow, Ireland, has become a global sensation for its bold move to banish smartphones for children under 12.

This initiative is not just about nostalgia for simpler times; it’s a response to the soaring concerns over children’s mental health and the negative impact of social media on young minds.

The parents of Greystones have taken action against what they see as an insidious threat. They’ve observed their children becoming increasingly obsessed with influencers and virtual validation, leading to a striking rise in anxiety and depression among the youth. As reported by Fox News, “Irish parents take action on smartphones amid soaring concerns over children’s mental health.” The community’s decision reflects a growing conservative sentiment that prioritizes real-life interactions and experiences over digital ones.

This movement began organically when parents started noticing changes in their children’s behavior. The kids were more distracted, less sociable, and their academic performance was suffering. In response, the parents collectively decided to impose a total ban on smartphones for all elementary-aged kids in their town. MSN highlighted this community effort stating that “Parents come together to impose total ban on smartphones for all elementary-aged kids in Ireland town.”

The results have been nothing short of remarkable. Children are rediscovering outdoor play, engaging more with family and friends, and developing hobbies that don’t involve screens. According to the Daily Mail article titled “Inside the town that BANISHED smart phones for children: Greystones became a global sensation after school pupils stopped obsessing about influencers…and discovered a new way of life,” one parent noted that her child had become more imaginative since giving up his smartphone.

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Another parent shared with Irish Star how her daughter now reads books voraciously instead of scrolling through social media feeds – an activity that has not only improved her literacy skills but also her attention span. This shift away from screen time towards more enriching activities is seen as crucial in combating the rising tide of mental health issues among young people.

The conservative viewpoint often emphasizes personal responsibility and community values – both of which are at play here in Greystones. Parents aren’t waiting for government intervention or tech companies to solve the problem; they’re taking matters into their own hands for the sake of their children’s well-being.

CBN News reports on this phenomenon underlining how this Irish town says no to smartphones for kids to combat the striking rise in anxiety and depression. It’s clear that these parents are concerned about more than just screen time; they’re worried about their children’s future ability to form meaningful relationships and engage with the world around them.

While some might argue that technology is an inevitable part of modern life, Greystones’ approach suggests there should be limits – especially when it comes to developing minds. By removing smartphones from their daily lives, these children are learning how to navigate social situations without relying on digital crutches.

Critics may point out potential drawbacks such as children feeling left out or unprepared for a tech-centric world. However, supporters counter that foundational skills like face-to-face communication and self-entertainment are critical building blocks for success later in life.

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Greystones’ story is not just about banning technology; it’s about redefining childhood priorities at a time when society seems increasingly disconnected from its roots. It serves as an example – perhaps even a challenge – to other communities worldwide grappling with similar issues.

Greystones’ experiment raises important questions about our relationship with technology and its role in our lives – particularly those of our youngest generation who stand most vulnerable to its effects.


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Ella Ford is a mother of two, a Christian conservative writer with degrees in American History, Social and Behavioral Science and Liberal Studies, based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.


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