Incredible Moment Fisherman Reels In Monster Malabar Cod!

A fisherman was so astonished to catch an ‘absolute monster’ Malabar cod both he and his partner kept shouting ‘Oh, my God!’

Kyle Poole caught the humongous cod last Friday off Exmouth in Western Australian and had a very tough time trying to reel in the enormous beast.

In fact it was so burdensome it ‘pulled the boat around’ and his partner had to give him a helping hand during the ordeal.

The shouts of ‘Oh, my God’ only increased in frequency when they saw just how big the creature dubbed ‘Codzilla‘ was.

‘Holy s***,’ a breathless Mr Pool said when the fish reached the surface

salty_horse (Instagram) Get yaself a girl that will help skull drag a giant cod into ya boat ??‍♂️? #truelove #keeper

The anglers, still almost lost for words, then both separately said ‘What the hell is that?’

When he had a chance to take stock of what just happened, Mr Poole said ‘Wow, that is the biggest thing I’ve ever caught… absolute monster’. 

With a huge smile on his face, he proudly displayed the beast on his lap.

He and his partner savoured the catch just long enough the take some video footage before they released the giant cod back into the ocean. 

The first commenter on a social media post about the catch kept their message very simple, just writing ‘Onya mate.’

Others have dubbed the fish Codzilla.


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