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Hunter Biden Crashed At The White House For TWO WEEKS During The Time That Cocaine Was Discovered On The Premises

Hunter Biden secretly hid out at the White House two weeks after making a plea deal for his tax and gun crimes, according to a report. 

The president’s scandal-plagued 53-year-old son spent two weeks in the executive mansion beginning on June 21 – the day after he reached the now-defunct plea bargain with US Attorney David Weiss, the Washington Post reported.

The deal would have seen Hunter evade jail time for failing to pay taxes and lying about his drug habits on a gun form – but it blew up when the judge notified Hunter he could still be prosecuted other crimes in the future.

Most of Biden’s aides were oblivious of Hunter’s lengthy stay on the premises – which overlapped with cocaine being discovered at the White House on July 2, a White House state dinner with India‘s prime minister, two Biden family trips to Camp David and an Independence Day bash.

Hunter, Joe and Beau arrive at Fort McNair in Washington

Hunter, his wife Melissa and son Beau departed the White House on July 5.

The report notes that Biden’s aides ‘strenuously avoid’ discussing Hunter and his ongoing legal woes because they believe their ‘contributions and ideas would not be welcome.’ 

Joe, Jill, Hunter and Beau Biden (left to right) pictured watching July 4th fireworks during Hunter’s extended stay

Hunter’s lengthy visit is a reminder of his continued closeness to his prominent father, regardless of the ‘toll’ his stigmas take on the president. That closeness will most definitely be used against Biden in the 2024 election as Republicans have gone to great lengths to try to demonstrate Joe was involved in Hunter’s business deals.

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On July 26, the day Hunter was set to enter a plea deal, White House aides intentionally left space in the president’s schedule so he could go along with the court appearance. Some fretted about exposing the president to the press while the hearing unfolded, and Biden made no public appearances that day.

When the plea deal collapsed, aides became worried that the president’s primary support system – his wife – was traveling out of the country that day.

The president has previously stood by his son – even refuting the terms of the original plea deal by alleging he did nothing wrong.

‘My son has done nothing wrong,’ Biden said in a May interview on MSNBC. ‘I trust him. I have faith in him. And it impacts my presidency by making me feel proud of him.’ 

On Friday, the president was asked to react to U.S. attorney David Weiss being appointed special counsel over Hunter’s case. This time, he stayed back.

‘I have no comment on any investigation that’s going on. That’s up to the Justice Department, and that’s all I have to say,’ Biden said after he briefly chuckled at the question about his son.

House Republicans seized on testimony from Hunter’s associate Devon Archer who claimed Joe had been in contact with Hunter’s business partners around 20 times over 10 years.

Joe Biden has made closeness to his family a key tenet of his public brand – and has repeatedly said he tries to speak to all of his kids and grandkids every day. Hunter’s 29-year-old daughter Naomi and her then-fiance Peter Neal were living at the White House ahead of their nuptials on the property last year. It’s not clear if they still reside there.

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People close to the Biden family told the Post they fear the ongoing scrutiny of Hunter, a recovering drug addict, may lead him to make ‘damaging’ decisions.

The first son has kept a relatively high profile even as the legal troubles pile up. He accompanied Biden on a trip to Ireland on Air Force 1 in April and attended state dinners at the White House.

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