Hollywood HUMILIATED, ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Outgrosses Mission Impossible!

SOUND OF FREEDOM broke major box office milestone, making $150 million just four weeks after its release. 

“Throughout our fourth weekend, audiences have continued to show up and support SOUND OF FREEDOM, and our theatrical partners have given us ample real estate to meet that continued demand,” said Brandon Purdie, Head of Theatrical Distribution at Angel Studios, in a press release. “We now know that this incredible film is going to surpass the $150 million mark domestically, and we’re strongly positioned to go well past that.”

Currently, SOUND OF FREEDOM is showing in 3,411 theaters across the country and is on track to make over $12 million at the box office this weekend. As of August 2, BoxOfficeMojo reported SOUND OF FREEDOM made $151,377,819.

CNBC reported that the movie’s box office success is “especially impressive considering Paramount’s Tom Cruise vehicle MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE — DEAD RECKONING PART ONE has tallied less than $140 million since its July 12 release and Warner Bros.’ DC Comics tentpole THE FLASH…barely topped $100 million domestically.”

Tim Ballard, a former special agent and the real-life inspiration behind SOUND OF FREEDOM, saidthe movie is resonating with audiences because people are “looking for meaning, they’re looking for purpose. It’s resonated because we need to find solutions.”

SOUND OF FREEDOM has done so well domestically that it is now being sent overseas. The movie’s Instagram account announced that it will be shown in Australia, the United Kingdom, Mexico and many other countries.

A portion of the Movieguide® review reads:

SOUND OF FREEDOM is gripping and heartbreaking, but hope-giving. The movie sheds light on the need for strong people to stand up for God’s children around the world who are caught in the vicious, abusive system of sex trafficking. SOUND OF FREEDOM has a strong Christian, moral worldview that promotes sacrifice and the message that “God’s children are not for sale.” MOVIEGUIDE® advises strong and extreme caution for the movie’s mature subject matter, implied and depicted violence, and abuse of children.

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