Harry Potter Star Daniel Ratcliffe Hosts Round Table Promoting Child Sex Transitions Says We Should ‘Trust kids to tell us who they are’

Daniel Radcliffe hosted a roundtable with six youth who believe themselves to be transgender during which he called people who question child transition “condescending” and said he believes we should “trust kids to tell us who they are.”


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe recently hosted a Trevor Project roundtable with six youth who deem themselves to be transgender during which he said people who question whether children should be permitted to transition are “condescending” and said he believes we should just “trust kids to tell us who they are.”

At least half of the young people Radcliffe sat down with were homosexual, and each stated experiencing adversity as children for being exceedingly gender-nonconforming. This they said was what led them to realize their transgender identities. Radcliffe has been openly opposed to Harry Potter creator JK Rowling’s endeavors to fight for women’s rights.

“I learned from out of the cradle that I was a boy,” said one “I should like blue; I should like sports; I should be manly; I should like superheroes. I just never associated with any of that stuff.”



Radcliffe nodded along supportively, and it doesn’t look as if it had occurred to him to include that you don’t have to like any of that stuff to be a boy, nor does not liking such things make a boy a girl.

Extreme gender-nonconformity in childhood is strongly connected with homosexuality in adulthood, and inside the soon-to-be-closed Tavistock gender clinic in London there was a dark joke that soon there would be no gay people left. Many members of the LGB community are calling for gender clinics to “stop transing away the gay.” Radcliffe appears to be unfamiliar to these concerns.

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Another trans-identified male tells the incredible tale of realizing a transgender identity and starting hormones a week later. This revelation seems to set off no alarm bells for our celebrity crusader for trans rights.

“That’s amazing,” was Radcliffe’s response to this astounding vignette of medical oversight.


The Sharing Space roundtable event was hosted by the Trevor Project, which interprets itself as the “world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people.”


“I don’t understand why I can’t just decide I’m a girl,” said another male youth, who thought that deciding to be a girl was the same as accepting being a boy. “It’s just the same thing. There’s no age. You don’t have to be 18 to decide that I am who I am.”


At this point, Radcliffe did not weigh in to say that childhood and adolescence are times of great adjustment. Between the ages of 12 and 25, young people go through many degrees of identity development. It’s normal to try out different identities.

“If you’re going to talk about trans kids, it might be useful to actually listen to trans kids,” said Radcliffe. But Radcliffe is the one not listening.

Throughout the whole discussion, there are young homosexual people telling terrible stories of experiencing bullying at the hands of their family or peers, of not being accepted as children who were different. That they feel they have to pump their bodies full of experimental puberty blockers and wrong-sex hormones as a way to find comfort and fit in is hardly an inspiring story Radcliffe should be pushing on young vulnerable children.

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At one point, Radcliffe is introduced to the theory of “gender euphoria,” when a trans-identified female describes feeling euphoric the first time wearing a binder. This young person felt “showcasing gender euphoria” was a responsibility of the transgender community.

“I see a lot of videos online of ‘guys’ taping [their breasts] for the first time. And I remember the first time I ever put a binder on and I was like in tears because seeing yourself as yourself for the first time is such a transformative experience.”









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