Golden State Gets Record Snow, Rain, Hail and Flooding!

A forceful  winter storm thrashing California threatened floods, blizzards and avalanches Saturday while adding freezing temperatures to the tormenting mix.

Overnight lows could drop below freezing in some areas while downtown San Francisco could see record-breaking cold temperatures Saturday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

Projected temperatures of 38 degrees Fahrenheit would see the city at its coldest since 2009, the weather service said.

Flash flood warnings were issued from Friday through 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. Saturday in Los Angeles and Ventura counties, a region with some 6 million people.

Normally-balmy Southern Californian cities including LA and San Diego have already been hit by snow and are forecast to receive more of the white stuff.  

Last night, the weather service said flash flooding was occurring late Friday in Ventura County, where up to 7 inches of rain had fallen and up to 10 inches were possible before the storm turned showery on Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile at nearby Burbank International Airport, a video first posted by ABC7’s Josh Haskell showed a Southwest Airlines flight coming in for landing over a flooded parking lot showing almost completely submerged cars.

In Los Angeles County, forecasters said life-threatening flash flooding was likely near creeks, streams, urban areas, highways and areas that were ravaged  by wildfires. The danger zone included downtown LA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and many suburbs.

The Hollywood sign was pictured though heavy clouds on Friday February 23 during a rare wintry spell in Los Angeles

On Friday, photos of the renowned Hollywood sign covered  by clouds went viral. It also took on a powder of snow.

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‘Shallow landslides and mudslides are expected,’ the weather service reported. A blizzard caution was given by the National Weather Service’s Los Angeles office, the first of its kind  since 1989.

Earlier this week, San Diego’s National Weather Office gave its first ever blizzard warning for areas that included San Bernardino County.

On Thursday night, the unexpected weather donated to a 20 car pile up happening on the 10 Freeway in the town of Yucaipa, around an hour and 45 minutes east of LA, reports KTLA. The crash sent eight people to local hospitals.

Rain falling at up to an inch an hour raised the fear of flooding or mudslides, throughout the state.




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