From Fields to Woke Agendas: John Deere’s Transformation

John Deere, a name synonymous with American farming and rural values, has recently come under scrutiny for embracing progressive policies that starkly contrast with the conservative principles of many of its loyal customers.

Under the leadership of CEO John May, the iconic brand has taken a sharp turn towards promoting woke ideologies, leaving many farmers feeling betrayed and bewildered.

Robby Starbuck Exposes John Deere’s WOKEISM Video:

One of the most striking revelations is John Deere’s funding of a pride event for children as young as three years old. This move has sparked outrage among conservative farmers who see it as an inappropriate imposition of adult themes on young children.

Additionally, the company has implemented “Genderbread Man” training and requires employees to list their “preferred pronouns” in all communications, further fueling the perception of an agenda-driven shift.

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The presence of Bill Gates as John Deere’s largest shareholder has also raised eyebrows. Gates, known for his progressive views and philanthropy, seems an unlikely partner for a brand traditionally associated with conservative values. This connection has led to speculation about the influence of external progressive forces on the company’s policies.

John Deere’s recent celebration of their accounting and finance team’s participation in United Way’s 21-day “United For Equity” program has added to the controversy. This program promotes works by figures such as Ibram Kendi and Robin DiAngelo, known for their advocacy of critical race theory and concepts like “Whiteness” and “Christian Privilege.” Such content has been criticized for promoting divisive and anti-Christian sentiments, which are antithetical to the beliefs of many in John Deere’s customer base.

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Moreover, John Deere’s dedication to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies has not been confined to the United States. These policies have been extended to their branches in Latin America and India, indicating a global push towards these progressive ideals. The establishment of LGBTQ and race-based identity groups within the corporate structure further underscores this shift.

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The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has awarded John Deere a 95/100 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) score, reflecting their compliance with LGBTQ-inclusive policies. While this may be celebrated in certain circles, it has alienated many conservative customers who feel that John Deere is abandoning the values that made it a beloved brand.

Adding to the discontent, John Deere recently announced layoffs in the US, coupled with plans to shift significant segments of production to Mexico. This decision has exacerbated the sense of betrayal among American farmers, who see it as prioritizing cost-cutting over supporting American workers.

The question remains whether CEO John May is consciously driving these changes or if the company’s progressive shift has spiraled beyond his control. His response to these revelations will be critical in determining his role and responsibility in this transformation.

Consumers who feel that John Deere no longer aligns with their values are encouraged to voice their concerns respectfully. Contact information for the company’s corporate customer service is provided below. It is essential to remember that many John Deere employees and local dealers likely disagree with the corporate policies and should be treated with respect.

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The goal of this reporting is not to dismantle John Deere but to inform consumers about the ideological shifts within major companies. By understanding these changes, customers can make informed decisions about the brands they support.

As seen in the case of Tractor Supply, consumer voices can lead to significant changes. When millions spoke out against similar woke policies, Tractor Supply responded by eliminating those policies and returning to a more neutral stance. This demonstrates the power of consumers to influence corporate behavior.

Ultimately, the customer remains king. Most consumers prefer companies that refrain from virtue signaling and focus on providing quality products and services. By using their voices and wallets, consumers can restore companies like John Deere to a culture of sanity, meritocracy, and neutrality in the culture wars, or inspire new competitors to step up and earn their business.


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