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Four Years After Biden ‘Laptop From Hell’ Falsely Labeled ‘Misinformation,’ DOJ Admits It’s Real

Nearly four years after the damning evidence of Biden family corruption on Hunter Biden’s laptop was disclosed in 2020, President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice admitted in a court filing on Tuesday that the Mac and its contents are real.

If you’ve been following this story since it broke in October 2020, you know there was never any true reason to doubt The New York Post’s reporting or the word of the Delaware computer repair shop owner that the abandoned Mac belonged to Hunter.

Yet truth was no defense. The Post was quickly banned from social media for spreading “disinformation” — a decision based on actual disinformation — and dozens of U.S. intelligence officials rushed to back the censorship. So did Joe Biden.

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The DOJ’s confirmation the laptop’s contents came from Hunter arrives years after complicit media outlets quietly admitted the truth about the computer in 2022, and even longer after conservative media verified the laptop’s authenticity ahead of 2020 election day.

The DOJ’s acknowledgment that Hunter’s laptop was “left at a computer store” and contained “duplicative information investigators had already obtained from Apple” further vindicates the IRS whistleblowers, who were also relentlessly smeared for speaking up.

In 2020, any mention of the evidence — IRS whistleblower or otherwise — that the then-presidential candidate Biden and his family were involved in an international influence-peddling scheme was nuked by Big Tech, shunned by corporate media, and skewered by Democrats. It’s still treated as false by many top media and Democrat figures.

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President Joe Biden, one of the biggest laptop deniers, repeatedly insisted from the 2020 debate stage and campaign trail that the laptop was a Russian plant meant to harm his election chances. Biden, Hunter, Big Tech companies, the FBI, and the IRS knew this was a lie, but continued to tout it well into the Democrat’s first term.

Even when current intelligence leaders confirmed there was never any evidence that the Hunter laptop wasn’t legitimate, Biden justified spreading this conspiracy theory with a letter signed by dozens of former intelligence heads. In it, they dubbed the laptop story “Russian disinformation.” Reporting later revealed it was Biden’s then-campaign adviser and now-Secretary of State Antony Blinken who orchestrated the letter and the CIA that solicited signatures for it.

Evidence of the Bidens’ deep familial corruption had the potential to change Americans’ votes in the 2020 election. That is why all of Democrats’ forces in technology, the propaganda press, and the bureaucracy banded together to subdue it.

Over and over and over, those same forces were proven not just wrong, but corrupt co-conspirators in the scheme to rig the 2020 election in Biden’s favor.

When Hunter’s laptop surfaced and former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski claimed mere weeks before the 2020 election he met with Joe as part of Biden family influence-peddling, Biden denied everything. He denied Hunter ever made money on China and that he was ever involvedin the pay-to-play scheme.
To this day, Biden claims the hundreds of emails, texts, voicemails, bank records, receipts, White House visitor logs, photos, and sworn witness testimonies from Biden business associates proving his involvement in the family corruption business are a “bunch of lies.” He and everyone else who knew the laptop and its contents were legit faced zero consequences for their lying and treachery.

Election Day 2024 is fast approaching, and not one of the Americans who was lied to during the 2020 election will ever receive an apology from the FBI, corporate media, Big Tech, or the Bidens, because those institutions and people are not sorry. Getting away with dodging, deflecting, and burying what should have been the biggest corruption scandal story of the century was the plan all along.

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