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Fortune Left Behind, Dianne Feinstein Leaves Stunning Properties To Her And Billionaire Husband’s Feuding Daughters

Dianne Feinstein was one of the Senate’s richest members throughout her trailblazing career — thanks to her billionaire husband.

While others in Congress struggled to make ends meet, sleeping in their offices to save on rent, Feinstein commuted from San Francisco aboard a Gulfstream G650 jet (pre-owned, the aircraft averages $61,815,000), sported expensive jewelry and flitted from one mansion to the next.

Her last disclosure, in May, put her net worth at $69.4 million.

For much of her wealth, Feinstein — who passed away Thursday in her Washington DC home, aged 90 — could thank her second husband, Richard Blum.

He was an astute investor and the founder of Blum Capital Partners.

But this year, after his death in February 2022, and as her own health publicly failed, an ugly dispute among the couple’s children cast new light on their fortune and raised the prospect of a court battle over the estate.

Dianne Feinstein’s Washington DC home was purchased for $5.1 million in 2001 and is worth $7.4 million today.

Even without the heart sculpture in front of Dianne Feinstein’s San Francisco home, the place is still said to be worth $21 million.

Feinstein and Blum had planned for their passings, with their palatial property portfolio and a group of bank accounts held in a marital trust.

Deceased couple Dianne Feinstein and Richard Blum, wielded power in the financial- and political-realms.

His portfolio was held separately, and after Blum’s death she gained an annual income of $1 million from the trust set up to deal with his investments.

Now, with Feinstein’s passing, Feinstein’s daughter Katherine, a San Francisco judge, and Blum’s three daughters, Annette Blum, Heidi Blum Riley and Eileen Blum Bourgarde, will split the estate four ways.

While some senators saved money on rent by sleeping in their offices, Dianne Feinstein resided in a $7.4 million DC townhouse.

Dianme Feinstein’s DC pad is situated in the American University Park neighborhood, a posh precinct near the pricy, private college.

The Gulfstream G650 jet provides private transport for a price: Some $61,815,000 on the second-hand market.

The biggest single item in the estate is the couple’s home in San Francisco; Feinstein resided in a three-story 1917 Italianate mansion on the famed Lyon Steps.

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Its landscaped gardens have stunning views over the Bay, and it has a valuation to match: $21 million.

In DC, she repaired to the luxury of a $7.4 million spread in the tony American University Park neighborhood. The 1936 French Revival home and surrounding grounds, which include a pool house, guest house and carriage house, were purchased in 2001 for $5.1 million.

That home is not part of the marital trust so will, likely, go to Feinstein’s daughter, Katherine.

Off the job, Diane Feinstein had a duplex in Kauai, Hawaii, and a getaway in Stinson Beach in Marin County.

Situated in Kauai, Hawaii, shown above, Dianne Feinsten’s vacation home in this exclusive development there had been generating income by being rented out when she was off the island.

The Stinson Beach digs came with fabulous views and great swimming.

The island paradise condo was worth up to $5 million and was rented out when not being used, while the beach home in Marin County boasted view of Bolinas Lagoon, loaded with wildlife, giving it a valuation of $7.5 million.

The waterfront house was at the center of the ugly bust-up between her daughter Katherine and, by proxy, Blum’s daughters, which exploded this year.

Katherine sued the trust which held the property, saying her mother wanted to sell the 3,600 square front home because she would not use it without her husband, but that his daughters were trying to slow the sale so they could use the house at her expense.

Katherine maintained that the home was tying up funds for medical expenses, the LA Times reported. It appears that her death will end the dispute, but having one of the children suing the three others could also open the way for a battle over the estate.

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Feinstein had also offloaded two other properties recently.

In 2022, following the death of her husband, she sold their 36-acre Bear Paw Ranch in Aspen, Colorado, for north of $25 million

In Lake Tahoe, California, their seven bedroom compound snagged $36 million. The final price was a $10 million haircut on the original listing.

On top of that, it’s been estimated that Feinstein had up to $25 million in a long-running blind trust.

Bank accounts were loaded with $6 million to $30 million. And, just to make sure she never ran low on greenbacks, there was a pension valued at $500,000 to $1 million.

That money appears likely to go to Katherine, who with husband Rick Mariano has one daughter, Eileen. Blum’s daughters have six children between them.

Besides her marital wealth, Feinstein, the daughter of a San Francisco surgeon, herself previously owned a stake in the city’s Carlton Hotel Properties, which was worth $37.5 million at its 2019 peak.

The Carlton investment would have made Feinstein rich by any standards. But hubby Bloom took her to the next stratosphere — and paved her way into politics.

Richard Blum, standing alongside Feinstein, played a major role in helping to fund the late senator’s political career.

@WarClandestine on (X):

Why is anyone honoring Feinstein? She was one of the most corrupt politicians in America. She employed a Chinese spy for 20+ years. She served as Senator for 31 years, and what did she accomplish? Thank her for her service? She served no one but herself and her donors. Her net worth is $220 million. That she stole. From you. Via insider trading and money laundering. All the while she allowed California, and her District of San Francisco, to turn into a drug-infested 2SLGBTQIA+ homeless zombie apocalypse. When we talk about “establishment politicians”, she’s at the top of the damn list. She’s been a Senator for 31 years, and under her watch, America has turned into a shithole. Not only did she let it happen, but her Left-wing policies made it a possibility. She played a significant role in destroying California and this nation with open border policies and woke insanity. So spare me with all the “Rest in Peace”. She was one of the main reasons we are in the position we are in today. She destroyed America and I wish her no blessings in whatever afterlife she faces. And before anyone says this is partisan, I feel the same way about McCain, and any other Deep State traitorous rat who bites the dust. Some of y’all don’t hate establishment politicians enough, and it shows.







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