Electric Car Charging Twice As Expensive As Gas In Norway

Norwegian politicians have offered lots of electric car incentives over the years but they’re quickly disappearing, even as Norway urgently needs to cut carbon emissions.

The latest electric car shock came just last week, when the City of Oslo nearly tripled the cost of recharging at city-owned charging posts, before being forced to shift into reverse.

So dramatic was the rate hike, from NOK 28 to NOK 49 (USD 2.80-4.90) an hour for “normal” recharging during the day and NOK 13 to NOK 39 at night, that the national el-car association Norsk elbilforening claimed it could no longer recommend that Oslo residents buy an electric car.

“In some cases, it can be twice as expensive to charge an electric car as to fill up with polluting (fossil) fuel,” Christina Bu, secretary general of the el-car organization, told newspaper Finansavisen.

She went on to call the rate hike that was imposed literally overnight by the Oslo city government (ironically led by the Greens and Labour parties) as “idiotic.”

The Greens’ Sirin Hellvin Stav, in charge of transportation and environmental issues for the city, has raged at the bitter assessment and all but dismissed it.

She chose, as expected, to react via a written email to newspaper Dagsavisen instead of exposing herself to a live interview.

“I think it’s stupid that Elbilforeninga (her name for the organization that’s championed the use of electric cars for years) is warning people against buying an electric car,” Stav wrote.

She blamed the sudden rate jump on higher electricity costs and claimed the city “has in practice been subsidizing el-car owners.”

Every charging stations installed in Norway after January 1 must offer card payment, and the government will set a deadline for card payment on those already in service.

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That enchanted both Christina Bu of the el-car organization and the state consumer council, which have claimed that el-car owners must be able to pay for charging by card just like fossil-fuel car owners use cards at the gas pump.

Transport Minister Jon-Ivar Nygård of the Labour Party also made known new demands for clear pricing information at the charging stations, observing that the current situation is “much too complicated.”

The EU is expected to demand options for card payment by the end of 2026.

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