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E. Jean Carroll Gloats Over $83.3M Trump Verdict Tells Maddow ‘You and I are going to go shopping’

Writer E. Jean Carroll quipped Monday on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” that she will go on a shopping spree with the $83.3 million former President Donald Trump was ordered to pay her in a New York City defamation trial.

Maddow said, “You’ve talked about using some of Trump’s money that you’re about to get to help shore up women’s rights. Do you know what that might be, what that might look like?”

Carroll said, “Yes Rachel, yes.”

Maddow said, “Tell Me.”

Carroll said, “I have such, such great ideas for all the good I’m going to do with this money. First thing, Rachel, you and I are going to go shopping. We’re going get completely new wardrobes, new shoes, a motorcycle for Crowley, a new fishing rod for Robbie. Rachel, what do you want?”

Maddow said, “Nothing.”

Carroll said, “A penthouse? It’s yours Rachel. A penthouse in France? You want France? You want to go fishing in France?”

Maddow said, “No.”

Caroll said, “No? All right, all right.”

Attorney Shawn Crowley said, “That’s a joke.”

Maddow said, “Although, if me fishing in France could do something for women’s rights, I would take the hit. I would obviously take one for the team.”

In the meanwhile, Tara Reade, who accused President Biden of raping her in 1993, bashed Donald Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll for “singing his praises” on national television.

“Remember me @ejeancarroll?” Reade asked on X, sharing past exchanges between the two in which Carroll appears to be supportive of her.

“I was bullied and harassed and chased to another country by Biden’s machine. All because I was to testify before Congress against him,” Reade said.

“I now have political asylum in Russia. He raped me. When I was his staffer at work in 1993 and there has never been an investigation,” she continued. “You are singing his praises on national TV?”:

Indeed, Reade has questioned why there has never been an investigation into her claims against Biden and called for him to drop out of the presidential race in 2020.

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In May 2023, she issued a public warning, telling her then 117.3k followers on X that she is “not suicidal” — a claim made after Republicans formally invited her to testify on her assault claims before Congress. She said, “I want to make something clear. If something happens to me, all roads lead to Joe Biden. Joe Biden and DNC political machine threats, bullying and intimidation over the last three years will not work. I am not suicidal.”

She added:

I should not be under investigation nor am I a foreign agent. I am a private citizen. I was a former staffer of Joe Biden’s that has chosen to step forward to tell the truth. The tactics using intimidation and bullying to silence me and suppress me using DOJ and FBI and social media will not work.

Recalling what allegedly occurred, Reade told New York City blogger Katie Halper that Biden pinned her against a wall, kissing her before it advanced.

“It happened all at once, and then… his hands were on me and underneath my clothes,” she said. “He went down my skirt and then up inside it. And he penetrated me with his fingers, whatever.”

She continued:

And he was kissing me at the same time and he was saying something to me. He said several things and I can’t remember everything [that] he said. I remember a couple of things. I remember his saying, first, like as he was doing it, ‘Do you want to go somewhere else?’ and then him saying to me, when I pulled away, he got finished doing what he was doing and I, how I was pulled back and he said, ‘Come on man, I heard you liked me.’ That phrase stayed with me because I kept thinking what I might have said. And I can’t remember exactly if he said ‘I thought’ or if ‘I heard.’ It’s like he implied that I had done this.

As Breitbart News noted, “A former neighbor of Reade and Reade’s brother have both publicly stated that Reade told them of the alleged assault in the 1990s.”

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“Evidence also suggests that Reade’s mother called into CNN’s Larry King in the 1990s to complain about a prominent senator with whom her daughter had ‘problems,’” Breitbart News detailed.

In May 2023, Reade defected to Russia, explaining that she now felt “very surrounded by protection and safety.”

Meanwhile, E. Jean Carroll — who accused Trump of sexually assaulting her in a Bergdorf-Goodman dressing room in the mid-1990s — has been awarded tens of millions by a New York jury, which determined that former President Donald Trump her $83.3 million for defaming her in 2019, denying her accusations.

The case has sparked significant attention as Trump allies say it demonstrates just how scary it is that someone with no hard evidence and inconsistencies in a story can still be awarded tens of millions of dollars in attempts to take out a political enemy of the radical left and establishment.


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