Cringeworthy Moment Drew Barrymore Kneels As She Interviews Trans TikTok ‘Star’ Dylan Mulvaney

Dylan Mulvaney appeared on the Drew Barrymore Show Monday imparting wisdom to fellow transgender people just starting their “gender journey,” and encouraging parents of so-called “trans kids” to support their confused children in their belief that they are members of the opposite sex.

At one point, Barrymore, one of the most famous women in the world, kneeled before Mulvaney in a blubbery flourish of capitulation to the male who shot to fame performing an over-the-top ditsy-woman persona in the TikTok series 100 Days of Girlhood.

Barrymore admitted to being a huge Mulvaney fan, seeing the TikTok influencer who calls women’s genitals “barbie pouches” as having the “gift” of educating people and opening minds.

The interview took place on Mulvaney’s 365th day impersonating women, and the social media star wittered on at length about the glitzy plans to mark the occasion.

“Well I can’t wait to watch it and I can’t wait to continue to watch your journey, and it is such a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance,” fawned Barrymore, before asking Mulvaney what the comedian would like people to take away from this supposedly inspiring gender journey.

“I would say that you know yourself better than anyone does,” replied Mulvaney, who was recently invited to the White House by President Biden to discuss prominent topics such as children having access to experimental sex changes.

“Please hold on to your favorite parts of yourself because I let a lot of my favorite parts go as a child and as a teen and I’m now trying to find them again. I found a lot of them this past year and I’ve shared those things, but if I was able to hold on to those even earlier, I think I mean the possibilities are limitless. So try to hold on to those things because you know yourself.”

This advice provided Barrymore with the perfect segue into an anecdote about a “trans teenager” Mulvaney had encountered while out on the town recently who had been inspired by Mulvaney’s journey.

The teen had apparently been viewing Mulvaney’s series every night, with the teen’s mom, and this had led to the teen’s mother accepting her child’s transgender identity more easily. Mulvaney then got to thank this mother for supporting and loving her child.

“I’m not a parent, but isn’t that like a parent’s greatest hope?” asked Mulvaney.

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“I think as a parent that stories spoke to me because we don’t know what to do all the time. We have instincts; we develop things; we grow and learn,” replied Barrymore earnestly. “But the more we can be given the tools and taught and storytelling, the better parents we’ll be.”

“So thank you for being that beacon for that family,” Barrymore concluded, to rapturous applause from the audience.






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