Woke Disney Hires Transgender TikTok Influencer to Promote Children’s Clothing And Accessories

Disney is paying a transgender TikTok influencer to promote children’s clothes and accessories, including Minnie Mouse’s customary outfit of a red dress, yellow pumps, and a red hair bow.

The influencer, named Seann Altman, identifies himself as ‘gender fluid’.

Here he they is in a promo for Disney Style, the brand name of the company’s clothing line, telling kids “I literally look like Minnie Mouse!”

Disney amazingly went ahead with this despite the fact that Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of the Bud Light brand has lost billions in revenue recently for doing precisely the same thing.

Breitbart News reports that last year, Disney “cast transgender ‘non-binary’ actress Zoe Terakes in a key supporting role in the Marvel series Ironheart just days after the show also cast drag queen Shea Couleé, an alumnus of RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

“Disney cast Talisa Garcia, who is a male-to-female transgender actor, to play a non-transgender role in the Willow series, which was recently canceled after just one season,” the report continued. “Just this month, Disney debuted its first ‘non-binary’ character in a Pixar film; however, few audience members will see this milestone for the once-beloved animation studio, as Elemental has flopped spectacularly both in the United States and overseas.”

Indeed, the company just announced it is scaling down its employment roster by two percent, cutting nearly 400 positions.

Bud Light has experienced a sales drop of 21.4 percent, while its parent brand, Budweiser, has lost 11.5 percent. Meanwhile, its major competitor, Coors Light, has seen a 10.9 percent sales boost.

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Disney has also erected a task force to explore AI options amid its current financial losses.

he Bob Iger-run Mouse House has created a task force to study artificial intelligence and see how it can be used across the company, Reuters reported on Tuesday,.

Launched earlier this year, before Hollywood writers and actors went on strike, Disney’s task force is reportedly looking to “develop AI applications in-house as well as form partnerships with startups.” 

Currently, Disney has 11 job openings seeking candidates skilled in artificial intelligence or machine learning. The positions touch virtually every corner of the media and entertainment giant — from Walt Disney Studios to the company’s theme parks and engineering group, Walt Disney Imagineering, to Disney-branded television and the advertising team, which is looking to build a “next-generation” AI-powered ad system, according to the job descriptions on the company’s website.

Embracing AI could prove to be a way for Disney to innovate while also cutting costs, as the struggling media giant looks for new ways to grow.

Disney has been weighed down by a handful of box office flops, including the recent “Haunted Mansion,” as well as sluggish attendance at its Disney World and Disneyland theme parks.

Iger recently commented on the challenges in its TV business, noting that he may look for a strategic partner for ESPN or even a sale of some of the companies TV assets like ABC.

Meanwhile Disney, like other media giants, must stay at the forefront of new technologies.

“Legacy media companies like Disney must either figure out AI or risk obsolescence,” a Disney insider told Reuters.

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