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CNN Acknowledges That Trump Can Win The General Election In 2024

Former President Donald Trump‘s chance of winning the US 2024 presidential election can no longer be ignored. On Monday, CNN acknowledged that Trump can beat both Republicans during the primary and Democrat opponents in the general election, including President Biden.

While contemplating current poll numbers for the 2024 presidential election, a CNN analyst determined that Trump is a serious contender in spite of his most recent indictments by Biden’s weaponized Justice Department.

“This idea that Donald Trump can’t win the general election. I want you to lose that idea,” the analyst said on CNN This Morning.

“This race is very, very close and Donald Trump is polling better right now than basically at any point during the entire 2020 cycle,” he explained.

“After four indictments it just doesn’t really seem to matter.”

“That’s fascinating!” one CNN host replied in response to the analyst’s comments.

According to polls, Donald Trump is dominating all Republican candidates by large margins, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, which seemingly stunned the analyst.

“Look at where DeSantis is in all these,” the analyst said showing a poll on the screen that has Trump at 62 percent and DeSantis at 16 percent.

“Look how far back he is. He doesn’t crack 20 percent in any of them,” he said.

While discussing Trump’s chances if he were to go up against President Biden in the general election, the analyst explained that the race is close with polls showing that “the largest lead for Joe Biden is just three points within the margin of error.”

@CollinRugg on Twitter (X):

JUST IN: CNN warns viewers that Donald Trump has a real chance of winning the *general* election against President Joe Biden. Can you hear the panic? “Donald Trump is polling better right now than basically at any point during the entire 2020 cycle.” “So this idea that Donald Trump can’t win the general election, I want you to lose that idea. This race is very, very close.” “After four indictments, after four indictments, it just doesn’t really matter… That’s fascinating.”

Recent polls show that among the 538 polling averages for the Republican primary, Trump has a wide lead at 54 percent compared to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at an average of 15.7 percent. Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is in third at 8 percent, and others are behind.

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