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Chinese Illegal Border Crossings Spike By 7,000%, Only China Knows Why

In a startling revelation that has raised eyebrows across the nation, illegal border crossings by Chinese nationals have surged by an astronomical 7,000%.

This staggering increase is not just a number—it’s a signal, a harbinger of something more complex and potentially troubling that only China seems to understand.

The implications of this surge are profound, touching on issues of national security, immigration policy, and international relations.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data, the fiscal year 2022 saw an unprecedented rise in encounters with Chinese migrants at the southern border—a jump from 781 in 2021 to over 5,600. This spike is not merely incremental; it’s exponential and demands a closer examination.

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The reasons behind this mass movement are shrouded in mystery. While economic factors and the pursuit of freedom typically drive migration patterns, the suddenness of this increase suggests other forces at play. Could it be related to China’s stringent COVID-19 policies or something more strategic? Only Beijing holds the answers.

CBS News’ “60 Minutes” reported on this phenomenon, highlighting that Chinese migrants have become one of the fastest-growing groups encountered by U.S. Border Patrol agents along the U.S.-Mexico border. These individuals often arrive with little more than their ambition and hope for a better life—yet their journeys are fraught with peril and uncertainty.

One might ponder why these migrants choose such a hazardous route when other avenues for legal entry exist. The answer may lie in China’s own restrictive emigration policies or perhaps in the allure of America’s promise juxtaposed against China’s authoritarian regime.

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The financial burden on American taxpayers is another angle that cannot be ignored. Each illegal crossing represents potential costs in terms of healthcare, education, and social services—expenses borne not by those who break the law but by law-abiding citizens.

Moreover, there is an undeniable security risk associated with unchecked migration. As former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott stated unequivocally: “We have terrorist threats that we’ve intercepted.” This chilling admission underscores the need for robust border security measures to protect American lives.

It’s essential to recognize that among these migrants are individuals who could contribute positively to society—entrepreneurs, scholars, artists—but without proper vetting processes in place, there is no way to distinguish between those seeking honest work and those with nefarious intentions.

The political ramifications are equally significant. The Biden administration faces mounting pressure as conservative voices call for tighter border controls and immigration reform. Critics argue that current policies incentivize illegal immigration rather than addressing root causes or creating viable legal pathways.

This issue transcends mere politics; it touches on core values such as sovereignty and rule of law—tenets held dear by conservatives who view unregulated borders as antithetical to both national interest and security.

As we delve deeper into this matter, we must ask ourselves what message we send to both allies and adversaries when our borders appear porous. Does it project strength or vulnerability? And how does it affect our standing on the global stage?

Furthermore, consider how this influx affects domestic dynamics—the labor market, cultural integration, public sentiment towards immigrants—and whether current infrastructure can sustain such rapid demographic shifts without strain.

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While some may argue for empathy towards those seeking refuge from oppression or hardship—and rightly so—it is imperative that compassion be balanced with pragmatism. A nation without borders ceases to be a nation at all; thus any discussion about immigration must prioritize national integrity alongside humanitarian concerns.

In light of these developments, one cannot help but reflect on historical precedents where large-scale migrations have led to significant societal transformations—for better or worse—and wonder what legacy today’s decisions will leave for future generations.

As we continue monitoring this situation closely—aware of its complexity—we must remain vigilant against oversimplification or knee-jerk reactions while striving for solutions grounded in respect for human dignity as well as unwavering commitment to our nation’s laws and ideals.


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Ella Ford is a mother of two, a Christian conservative writer with degrees in American History, Social and Behavioral Science and Liberal Studies, based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.


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