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California Residents Stunned as Illegal Immigrants Drive Boat Onto La Jolla Beach

A cellphone video shared on social media Thursday purported to show a boatload of illegal immigrants arriving in the country in La Jolla, California.

The video was shared on X by Jorge Ventura, a former Daily Caller reporter who has been with NewsNation for about a year. Ventura said he received the video from “a follower.”

“NEW: A follower just sent me this video from earlier today of a group of migrants on a boat reaching the shores of a beach in La Jolla, CA,” Ventura said in the post.

“Once the migrants reached the shore they immediately start running into the neighborhood,” he added. “Unclear at this time if this group of migrants have been apprehended.”

The video appears to show a group of roughly two dozen men and women, and at least one young child getting off of the boat after it ran ashore and disappearing into the local neighborhood.

The Western Journal has been so far unable to verify the date or location of the video independently.

At one point, the man taking the video expressed surprise and dismay at the fact that the group of what he called “illegal aliens” included children.

“Dude, they got kids with ’em, too,” he said.

“Oh my god,” a nearby woman confirmed. “There’s a child.”

An emergency vehicle of some sort approached the scene with siren blazing, but it was unclear from the video whether the first responders took any action or if, in fact, they even got out of their car.

One woman in the group appeared to be having trouble walking, but it was difficult to tell from the video exactly what happened or what the problem might have been.

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“Holy s***,” the man taking the video said, “a lady just collapsed.” She appeared to be able to continue moving away from the boat and down the street with assistance.

As the group dispersed, the cameraman moved to get a shot of the boat in which they had traveled.

“They abandoned the boat,” a woman said.

“Yeah, that’s what they do all the time,” the cameraman replied. “I’ve seen the boats here like five times, but I’ve never actually seen them do it.”

La Jolla is in Southern California near San Diego, roughly 25 miles from the U.S. border with Mexico.





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