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A California Mom Is Upset School Helped 11 Year-Old Daughter Change Genders Without Her Knowledge

A California mom is furious after her daughter’s school district upheld a “parental secrecy policy” allowing school officials to offer gender counseling without informing parents.

Aurora Regino said her 11-year-old daughter’s elementary school in the Chico Unified School District aided her transition from female to male during the last school year, but a guidance counselor kept her in the dark during the entire process.

“During one of the meetings, my daughter told the counselor she wanted to tell me about her new identity. They ignored her request and did nothing to support her in letting me know what was going on at school,” she told board members at a meeting last Wednesday.




The board weighed a measure that would permit for “more parental inclusion” but ultimately voted to keep the current so-called “parental secrecy policy” in place with a 3-2 vote.

“It was a really sad decision that they made, but unfortunately I wasn’t extremely surprised,” Regino told “Fox & Friends First” host Todd Piro on Tuesday.

The policy that board members voted to uphold, according to Regino, extends to children as young as pre-kindergarten who are approximately five years old and reaches through the 12th grade.

“It’s incredibly damaging that they’re upholding such a crazy policy for such young children,” she continued after a moment, arguing that such a tumultuous time in children and adolescents’ lives is when they need parental guidance the most.

The policy that they have in place, to keep these situations a secret from the family, is incredibly damaging. It was extremely damaging in my case with my daughter. She was bullied and she didn’t have the support that she needed from her family and, also, she was outed within the school with other people within the office knowing her new gender and pronouns that she didn’t even tell them, and she had to go through those feelings of wondering how they even knew all on her own.”

Regino, who is suing the district for keeping her in the dark about her daughter’s identity and transition, blasted the policy as “incredibly dangerous” and said the battle to gain parental rights in the area had been hard-fought.

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She told Piro her daughter is doing well, but she is resolved to speak out on behalf of her family and others with identical experiences, so everyone knows what is taking place in public schools.

“When this originally happened to our family, nobody could’ve ever told me that this was going on, especially at the young age of elementary school,” she said.












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