Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital Terminates PR Firm for Refusal to Support Pride

A recent incident in Brooklyn highlights the growing tension between religious beliefs and social expectations in the business world.

The Veterinary Emergency Referral Group of Brooklyn (VERG) has terminated its relationship with Judge Public Relations, a Florida-based Christian-owned PR firm, after the firm refused to support or oppose a statement regarding Pride Month.

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The conflict began when Judge Public Relations advised VERG to avoid issuing any statement related to Pride Month, suggesting that it would be best to steer clear of potentially controversial topics.

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James Judge, the owner of the PR agency, expressed his discomfort with his firm being associated with such statements, citing his Christian values. “My business will not be bullied into associating with the ‘Pride’ movement or anything else that goes against my values,” Judge stated​.

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VERG’s Chief Medical Officer, Brett Levitzke, acknowledged the quality work Judge’s firm had provided over the years but emphasized that the refusal went beyond professional advice. “I respect your professional opinion that addressing social issues may be a poor business decision, but this went beyond a professional opinion when you decided you would not put your firm’s name on a Pride release due to your personal feelings of the LGBTQ+ community,” Levitzke wrote. He further explained that this indicated a fundamental divide in values concerning inclusivity, leading to the decision to end their partnership​.

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The termination of this business relationship underscores a broader issue in today’s society, where companies increasingly face pressure to align with social movements. James Judge, who is also running for a congressional seat in Florida, responded firmly to the termination. He criticized what he described as a “pro-gay agenda” that he believes is being forced upon Americans, particularly those with traditional Christian values. “Many businesses are afraid to stand up to the rainbow mafia for this very reason, but I’ve had enough,” Judge stated. He lamented the irony that in a communication about inclusivity, his firm was excluded due to its religious beliefs​.

The situation with VERG and Judge Public Relations is a clear example of the overreach of social agendas into the business realm. Conservatives often argue that businesses should have the freedom to operate according to their values without being compelled to endorse or oppose social movements. This incident demonstrates the potential repercussions for businesses that resist such pressures, underscoring the need for a balance between supporting social causes and respecting individual beliefs.

the incident between VERG and Judge Public Relations is not just a business dispute but a microcosm of the larger cultural and ideological battles being waged across America. It raises important questions about the role of businesses in social issues and the extent to which they should be compelled to align with particular values or movements. This case reinforces the importance of protecting religious freedoms and ensuring that businesses can operate without undue pressure to conform to social agendas that may conflict with their core beliefs.

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