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Boatload Of Illegal Immigrants Washes Up In San Diego

Video was captured Wednesday of a boat full of illegal immigrants landing on Solana Beach in California shortly before 7am.

Fox 5 News reports that U.S. Customs Border and Protection’s San Diego Air and Marine Branch tracked the boat, and 10 migrants who jumped off and attempted to flee were arrested.

Several others are thought to be still on the loose.

Can this even be called a ‘border crisis’ anymore? There is no border.

A lifelong Border Patrol officer recently told The Daily Signal that the countless “sacrifices” he made working to keep the border secure have been “all for nothing,” because of what is now happening in Biden’s America.

Mike Syzdek, who worked for CBP from 1976 to 2007 said “I think of all the agents, myself included, who were injured on the job and agents who were killed … only to find out that everything was for nothing.”

“Over the course of my 31 years in Border Patrol, I caught, you know, tens of thousands of aliens,” he noted, adding “I caught 20,000, let’s say, I kept them out of here. But they’ve let 10 million in … so, everything that I worked for my entire career was for nothing.”

“It’s just heartbreaking that we have laws on the books and an agency to enforce the laws, and nobody’s doing it,” Syzdek further noted, adding that he and his colleagues “never imagined in our wildest imagination that our country, that we all worked so hard to defend for those many years that we were in, would have open borders.”

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Americans are now feeling the full force of intentional facilitating of mass illegal immigration.

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