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Biden’s DHS Requires Border Agents to Use ‘preferred pronouns’ of Illegal Immigrants

In 2021, Joe Biden decided to prioritize asylum claims brought by transgender migrantswho sought to cross the border in the US. Vice President Kamala Harris claimed that the “root” of illegal immigration from the Northern Triangle countries in Central America was due to LGBTQ discrimination.

Now, the Department of Homeland Security is demanding that border agents use the preferred pronouns of illegal immigrants.

A memo released earlier this week, obtained by the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project, shows that the agency has demanded that border agents comply with the preferred pronouns of illegal immigrants.

The memo goes so far that border agents are prevented by DHS from assuming the gender of an illegal immigrant, and must use gender-neutral terminology until they ascertain the person’s preferred pronouns.

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That memo, called the “Guide to facilitating effective communication with individuals who identify as LGBTQ+,” is to give “guidance to all CBP employees who interact with members of the public to help facilitate effective communication with the diverse public we serve, including individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, non-binary, and gender nonconforming (LGBTQ+).”

That guidance, the memo goes on to say, “should be used by all CBP employees who encounter members of the public in the course of their job duties, including but not limited to law enforcement, trade, human resources, public liaisons, and others.” The memo then advises readers that the language contained therein may not be complete: “Some LGBTQI+ individuals may define these terms differently and the meanings of the terms may change over time.”

The memo instructs border agents “to ask the individual their preferred pronoun.” This is while the Biden administration has conducted some 7 million apprehensions of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border since taking office in 2021.

Examples are given as to how to ask these questions to illegal immigrants, and those examples are in English, such as “I would like to be respectful—what name and pronoun would you like me to use when addressing you?” Tone, also, should be considered, instructs the memo.

Border agents are told not to ask, “What are you?,” but rather to say, “Can you please confirm your pronouns or gender identity.” Non gender-specific terminology should be used until the appropriate terms are ascertained.

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DHS also informs border agents that they are not to question a person’s asserted gender identity, only to confirm it and use the right words. “DO NOT” begins a section of don’ts, “Question the authenticity of a person who tells you that he, she or they identify as LGBTQI+.”

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Biden and his administration have been obsessed with gender identity and sexual orientation since coming into power. Numerous executive orders have required that every federal agency figure out how best to facilitate the furtherance of LGBTQI+ participation and inclusion in those agencies.

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This led the FDA to state that it would withhold free lunch funding from public schools that did not provide gender-neutral bathrooms, as well as DHS compelling border agents to accept gender ideology as part of their daily workflow.

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