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Biden DROPS Candy When He Sees Kids Dressed For Halloween As White House Gets VERY Spooky

President Joe Biden got so scared seeing kids in spooky costumes at the White House that he dropped the presidential M&Ms he was passing out.

The commander-in-chief faked his fear convincingly as an army of dinosaurs, skeletons, witches, Barney the Dinosaur, Mario and Luigi, ghostbusters , and super heroes trick-or-treated on the South Lawn of the White House.

As he dropped the candy he bent down to pick it up, plopping it into the bag instead.

Next to him, Jill Biden was dressed as Willow the first cat, complete with ears, a tail and a face madeup with whiskers. The president didn’t opt for a costume, coming out in the suit he had worn all day and adding a ballcap with the presidential seal to complete his ensemble.

The first lady put on her teacher’s hat to host a ‘Hallo-READ!,’ with the White House decorated with famous literary characters – like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy’s giant ruby slippers sat to one side of the White House portico.

Jill Biden reading ’10 Spooky Pumpkins’ to kids at the White House

Jill Biden made a literary theme – hosting a ‘Hallo-READ!’

Jill Biden also hosted a reading nook where she read ’10 Spooky Pumpkin’ to the kids. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dressed as an angel as she read  ‘First Broom.’

‘I had a choice – either be an angle or a devil. I picked an angel,’ she said.

About 8,000 guests made their way through the spook-tacular, including local public school students and military-connected children.

A group of skeletons with the president

The weather contributed to the atmosphere. It was spooky skies over the White House with the clouds rolling in as the event began.

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The rain came down but didn’t stop the fun.  The president and first lady both posed for selfies as they greeted parents and children alike.

But the evening grew so cold that Jill Biden put a coat on over her dress.

Some familiar faces made their way through the trick-or-treating line.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken came through with his two children. White House adviser Anita Dunn brought her family as did OMB director Sholanda Young.

Former House speaker pro tem Patrick McHenry went through the line.

President Joe Biden gives a little girl dressed as a pumpkin a kiss

President Biden didn’t just fake fear at the sight of a blue baby dinosaur and a skeleton, he also saluted a young boy dressed in military fatigues and took a toy ice cream cone from a child who offered him one.

He shook boxes of M&Ms to make them rattle as he waved kids over to get their sweet treats. He also handed out Hershey Kisses in a box with the presidential signature.

Pumpkins, gourds, haybales and corn stalks were the decorations of choice. Yellow and orange mums dotted the South Lawn.

The fountain had fake bubbles in it to resemble a witch’s caldron.

On the White House itself, a large full moon with a witch flying in front of it hung on the Truman Balcony.

Cardboard cutouts of Willow and Commander were on the South Portico. Cardboard stacks of books completed the look.

Various cabinet agencies participated in the event, sitting up booths to hand out candy.

The Education Department handed out smarties. The Secret Service had one of their cruisers for kids to sit in. The State Department passed out gummie bears.

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Cookies in shape of carrots and round ones with a green monster face were available for snacks. There was warm apple cider to drink.

The chilly White House celebration was a marker of the official holiday weather to come.

A cold snap is  spreading across the US and will affect wide swathes of the Midwest, South, and East, forecasts show – including almost all the Lower 48 states.

The cold-air phenomenon began Monday, and is set to reach its peak later this week. As a result, some 60million Americans – from the flatlands of the Lone Star State to the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley – are under frost or freeze alerts.

Another 200 million, experts say, are poised to experience some form of unseasonably cold weather one way of the other.

It also rained in 2022 for the Bidens’ Halloween event. That year marked the first time the Bidens’ hosted trick-or-treaters at the White House for Halloween. In 2021, they were on an official trip to Europe for the holiday and, instead, had the White House lit up in orange.

Halloween has been celebrated at the White House since the mid-20th century, according to the White House Historical Association.

Mamie Eisenhower decorated the White House for Halloween for the first time in 1958.

Since then there has typically been some type of Halloween celebration at the White House.

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