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Biden Admin Pledges to Close ‘doggone dangerous’ Loophole in the Law and Regulate Shadow Gun Market

The Biden administration’s latest move to expand background checks on gun buyers strikes at the heart of a long-standing debate. The administration is pushing to close what it calls a “doggone dangerous” loophole in gun laws, aiming to regulate the shadowy corners of the gun market. This initiative could redefine who is considered a gun dealer and consequently, who must run background checks on buyers.

The essence of this new push lies in its potential impact on thousands more individuals who sell guns. Under current law, only those deemed “engaged in the business” of selling firearms are required to obtain a federal license and conduct background checks. However, ambiguity in this definition has allowed many to sell guns without these checks, operating in what some describe as a legal gray area.

The Department of Justice has proposed a rule that would clarify this definition, potentially bringing many more sellers under its umbrella. According to The New York Times, “The rule would make clear that people who sell guns ‘to predominantly earn profit’ must become licensed dealers.” This shift aims to tackle unregulated sales often made at gun shows or online platforms.

Critics argue that this move could impose undue burdens on small-scale sellers and infringe upon Americans’ constitutional rights. George Brauchler, writing for Gazette.com, contends that such regulations target small businesses rather than criminals. He states, “This isn’t about controlling crime… It’s about controlling you and me.” This sentiment echoes among conservatives who view firearm ownership as both a liberty and a means of self-defense.

The Daily Mail reports that President Biden described the existing situation as one where too many people can buy guns without background checks: “It’s just wrong… plain wrong.” The administration’s stance is clear: they believe tightening regulations will help prevent firearms from falling into the wrong hands.

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However, opponents see this as an overreach that could criminalize ordinary citizens for conducting private transactions. They argue that such measures would not effectively deter those intent on committing crimes but rather penalize law-abiding gun owners and sellers.

MSN highlights another angle: enforcement challenges. With an estimated 54 million American adults living in households with firearms, according to data from the National Firearms Survey 2021 cited by MSN, monitoring such an expansive market presents logistical hurdles.

Moreover, there are concerns about privacy and government oversight. Many conservatives worry about creating de facto registries through expanded background checks—a concept they believe could lead to further restrictions or even confiscation down the line.

As debates rage over how best to balance public safety with constitutional rights, it’s evident that any changes will be met with scrutiny from all sides of the political spectrum. The Biden administration may be moving forward with its plans to tighten gun laws but doing so without drawing ire from staunch defenders of Second Amendment freedoms remains an intricate dance—one fraught with political risk and deep-seated ideological divides.


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Ella Ford is a mother of two, a Christian conservative writer with degrees in American History, Social and Behavioral Science and Liberal Studies, based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.


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