Backlash As Maybelline Teams With Male Cross Dressing TikTok Influencer

Maybelline is doubling down on its suicidal embrace gender non-conformity as a marketing ploy, teaming up with a cross-dressing  male TikTok influencer to push its beauty products for women.

This week, Maybelline teamed up with cross-dresser Ryan Vita to promote its products for Amazon Prime Day, with a full-bearded Vita posting a video in which he models his favorite shades of lipstick and lipgloss.

Maybelline, which is owned by France’s L’Oréal, posted Vita’s video on its official Instagram account.

The company has already partnered with transgender “girl” Dylan Mulvaney, who also hawks Maybelline products on social media, alongside Bud Light.


Ryan Vita — who is a biological male who embellishes women’s clothes — is a self-proclaimed beauty influencer who has gathered more than 1 million followers on TikTok by pitching beauty products for women and demonstrating make-up tutorials.

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Since Maybelline uploaded his video on Wednesday, a backlash against the company has developed, with commenters showing their disgust and intention to stop purchasing the company’s products.

Maybelline is the latest corporate brand to emgage on  gender non-conformity as a key component of its marketing philosophy.

Brands including Bud Light and Target have gone through the reality of falling sales after they pimped transgenderism on their customers.

Maybelline is already facing boycott demands because of its deal with Dylan Mulvaney.

Mulvaney, a transgender who is also at the center of the Bud Light boycott, posted a video on March 13 of himself applying make-up, stating he was “[g]etting glam” with the hashtag “#Maybellinepartner.”

The video centered around his 365th day “of being a girl.”

Maybelline reposted the clip to its Instagram account on March 15, writing, “Maybelline Glam all day, every day!”

“So proud to be part of @dylanmulvaney’s incredible journey as she celebrated 365 days of being a girl on Monday  Thanks for letting us be part of your special day LOVE YA!” the post added.

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The video has gained substantial attention on social media in recent days, with many stating they would boycott Maybelline. The hashtag #boycottmaybelline trended for a time on Tuesday, the Daily Wire noted.

“Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline,” tweeted Oli London. “The new face of Maybelline, ladies!”

Psychologist Jordan B. Peterson tweeted, “Obviously time to welcome  @Maybelline to the boycott club along with @Disney @Nike @Budweiser.”






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