As Trans Individuals Are Being Accomodated “According to their presentation”, One Australian Newspaper Declares ‘Progress’ Has Made Women Less Safe In Hospitals

A hospital ward can be a terrifying place.

Patients crave reassurance — kind words from a doctor, a nurse to hold their hand during painful or anxious moments, and information about what is happening to them.

The subliminal message of such compassionate interactions is: “You are safe. We’ve got you.”

Nadine Dorries with DailyMail declares, “But our hospitals aren’t so safe, as yesterday’s damning report from the Women’s Rights Network made appallingly clear”.

According to the disturbing article, “numerous rapes — including of children as young as 13 — and sexual assaults occur weekly, with one in seven occurring in hospital wards”.

She declares, ‘As a former Patient Safety minister, I’m sorry to say this is no surprise’.

But what did alarm me is that many of these attacks — some 6,500 between January 2019 and October 2022 — took place during periods of lockdown, when admissions were limited to only the most life-threatening conditions and the patients were the most vulnerable in society.

One who compiled statistics described hospitals as “almost a market for sexual offenders”.

‘Could it be that Jimmy Savile’s abuse of patients at Stoke Mandeville was not the vile aberration that most people assumed?

Have our hospitals always been this way, and are we only now waking up to it?



‘In the centre was a long oak table where we would write notes and record observations.

All patients were within our line of sight at all times. And there were women’s wards and men’s wards.

Any stranger who ventured on to a women’s ward was risking his life, and any inappropriate behaviour would have been spotted by the keen eye of the ward sister or her staff in a flash.

There was an unspoken understanding that female in-patients especially — often in pain, drowsy from medication, and perhaps only partially clothed — were to be protected, respected, and their dignity safeguarded at all costs.

In today’s NHS, the Florence Nightingale setup is a thing of the past’.


Posie Parker on the terrifying conflict of interest between women’s rights and trans rights in Australia & New Zealand.



She goes on to say, ‘Hospital wards are now a warren of four-bedded or six-bedded bays and single rooms, with the nurses’ station at a distance.

On a recent visit to a hospital, I was asked by two patients if I knew where their beds were and how they could find their way back to them. What is worse is the layout facilitates access to victims by sexual predators.

All it would take for an opportunist to strike is to don a white coat or scrubs — or pose as a visitor or patient — and wander on to a ward, with staff oblivious to their presence.

As for the scandal of mixed wards — they were banned officially in 2010 after a long-running campaign by this newspaper, but they persist’.

‘The elderly lady I visited in a cardiac ward was opposite a man who would have had difficulty assaulting anyone, given he was on a drip, tethered to a cardiac monitor, and had a catheter bag attached to his bedframe.

But when it came to using bedpans, it wasn’t enjoyable for them both. Her lack of privacy mortified her — only a thin curtain separated them.

There is an even more serious aspect to this subject.

Trans individuals admitted to hospitals are accommodated “according to their presentation”.

So a trans woman — even if still male-bodied — would be allocated to a women’s ward, with all the inherent risks that might involve.

Why is the health service no longer interested in a patient’s sex?’

‘It has an It system that can record sex and “current” gender identity but has not collected essential data on biological sex for years.

In the eyes of the NHS, you can pick your gender and change it at will — an approach a cunning sexual predator could easily exploit.

It is just one of the policies that need serious questioning if our hospitals are to return to being the safe havens we always assumed they were’.


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