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As Biden Admin Pushes Electric School Busses, Electric Buses in London Are Bursting Into Flames

In the midst of the Biden administration’s electric vehicle (EV) push, concerns have arisen regarding the safety of this technology, particularly in light of recent incidents involving London’s Transport for London (TFL) electric buses.

The fires, which occurred on January 11 and 12, have raised questions about the safety of electric buses and the potential risks they pose to the public.

The first fire broke out during a school run on a bus traveling from Mitcham to Raynes Park in southwest London.

The incident was captured on social media, where images and videos of the blaze were widely shared.

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Just a day later, a second bus in North Woolwich, East London, caught fire before 7 a.m. on January 12.

In response to these incidents, TFL has been working with partners to investigate the cause of the fires.

While they have stated that there is no reason to believe the two fires are connected, the incidents have sparked a broader discussion about the safety of electric vehicles, particularly with regard to their lithium batteries.

According to former firefighter Neil Pedersen, CEO of Fire Containers Limited, the fires could be attributed to damage to the lithium batteries used to power the vehicles.

He explained that when a battery is damaged, the cells can heat up in a “domino effect,” which can lead to a fire.

In the case of the London buses, the battery packs are usually covered by an impact cover to prevent damage from road debris.

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However, it is possible that physical damage to the battery pack could have caused the fires.

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Following the second fire, a video was posted online showing the burning bus and urging people to move back for their own safety.

An image shared just over an hour later revealed the burnt-out shell of the bus. Fortunately, no passengers were on the bus at the time of the fire, and no injuries were reported.

Given these incidents and the potential risks associated with electric vehicles, it is crucial to consider whether the Biden administration’s push for EVs is responsible, particularly when it comes to the safety of our children.

The London bus fires serve as a stark example of the potential dangers of electric vehicles, and it is essential that we prioritize safety over the rush to adopt new technology.

In light of these concerns, it may be more prudent to stick to gas-powered buses until the technology and safety measures surrounding electric vehicles are further developed and tested.

The safety of our children and the public at large should always be the top priority, and it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to implementing new technologies.


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