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An ‘Evil’ Business Is Happening ‘Right here in America’ Tim Tebow Sounds Off On Human Trafficking

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow spoke out about his work investigating child trafficking and rescuing abused children and called it “one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world” that is “taking place right here in America.”

Tebow, whose short, three-year NFL career was jam-packed with viral moments and excitement, spoke with OutKick on the “Don’t @ Me w/ Dan Dakich” show about his recently launched Unknown campaign to fight human trafficking.

“Our heart is to try to combat it any and every way possible to be able to be on the front lines to push back this evil,” Tebow said. “Our biggest heart right now is with this Unknown campaign, because in one of the law enforcement databases, there is at least 50,000 boys and girls that have been abused in such severe ways, and also, nobody has been able to identify or locate them.”

Tebow then explained why he feels the work is so important: “That is why this campaign is called the Unknown campaign, because our heart is to be able to identify them, to locate them, and then to be able to rescue them. We just believe that every single life is worth us doing everything possible to be able to get to them, because we know that they’re not unknown to God. They are known to God, and they better be known to us. We better be willing to do everything and anything we can to get to all these precious lives.”

The athlete also called human trafficking “one of the faster-growing businesses in the world” and said that despite what people may think, crimes are happening in “nice” areas inside America.

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“Some of the different campaigns and videos that we’ve actually shot, we’ve done it in neighborhoods that have been really nice, because we wanted to say, ‘Look, in this neighborhood, in this area, it’s been right here.’”

“And you know, because sometimes people have to open their eyes. This isn’t just something that’s taking place in a third world country. It is taking place in those third world countries, but it is also taking place right here in America,” he added.

The Christian man was asked to give his thoughts on transgender men playing against women in sports and said that he “just believe[s] in fairness.”

“So many of those girls work so hard to be able to compete and be their best. And I love giving them a chance to compete in a fair way so that they can strive to be their best. … I just want to give all of those girls the chance to compete and love what they do and strive for it in a truly fair way,” he explained.

The former University of Florida player, still in his mid-30s, also spent three seasons playing minor league baseball in the New York Mets system.


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Ella Ford is a mother of two, a Christian conservative writer with degrees in American History, Social and Behavioral Science and Liberal Studies, based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.


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