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America’s Largest Illegal Migrant Camp, Colony Ridge, TX Exposed

In a staggering revelation, journalist Todd Bensman has unveiled Colony Ridge, the largest illegal migrant camp in the United States, hidden in plain sight just outside Houston, Texas. This vast settlement, described as a “60 square mile city of illegal aliens,” remains largely unknown to the general public despite its significant size and the pressing issues it represents.

Texas’s Silent Crisis: Inside the 60 Square Mile Illegal Migrant Camp Video:

Colony Ridge, a sprawling community northeast of Houston, houses over 75,000 illegal immigrants, with projections suggesting that the population could surge to 200,000 in the near future. This alarming growth raises substantial concerns about security, infrastructure, and the unchecked expansion of such settlements.

Real estate developer Trey Harris has been a pivotal figure in the creation of Colony Ridge. Nearly a decade ago, Harris initiated this community by offering direct home loans to illegal immigrants, bypassing the need for social security numbers. This unconventional approach facilitated the rapid development of the settlement, now roughly the size of Washington D.C.

Bensman, who has extensively studied and reported on Colony Ridge, highlights the sprawling nature of this community. “It’s to the horizon. You can’t even see the end of this thing,” he describes, emphasizing the scale of the camp, characterized by dilapidated trailers and substandard living conditions.

The exponential growth of Colony Ridge has not only strained local resources but also posed significant security challenges. The community has become a strategic hub for criminal activities, with gang presence and cartel influence reportedly on the rise. The Gulf and Sinaloa cartels have been identified as key players exploiting the vulnerable population within Colony Ridge, further complicating efforts to maintain order and safety.

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Additionally, the influx of illegal immigrants into this area has led to a surge in public health concerns. The community is plagued by stray animals, inadequate sanitation, and limited access to healthcare services, creating an environment rife with potential health hazards. The rapid expansion of such settlements without proper oversight and regulation threatens to undermine public health efforts and strain already overburdened local healthcare systems.

From a conservative standpoint, the existence and expansion of Colony Ridge underscore the urgent need for stricter immigration policies and enhanced border security measures. The current situation exemplifies the consequences of lax immigration enforcement and the failure to address illegal immigration comprehensively.

The provision of home loans to illegal immigrants without social security numbers, as practiced by Trey Harris, raises critical questions about the integrity of financial and real estate systems. This practice not only facilitates illegal immigration but also undermines the rule of law and the principles of legal immigration processes.

The transformation of Colony Ridge into a hub for cartel activities highlights the national security risks associated with uncontrolled illegal immigration. The presence of criminal elements within such communities poses direct threats to the safety and security of American citizens, necessitating immediate and decisive action from federal and state authorities.

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Addressing the challenges posed by Colony Ridge and similar settlements requires a multifaceted approach. Strengthening border security and enforcing existing immigration laws are essential steps to curtail the influx of illegal immigrants. Additionally, there must be stricter regulations and oversight of financial practices that enable illegal immigrants to acquire property and settle in the United States.

Federal and state authorities must collaborate to dismantle criminal networks operating within these communities. Enhanced law enforcement efforts, coupled with targeted community outreach programs, can help restore order and improve living conditions in areas affected by illegal immigration.

The revelation of Colony Ridge serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need to address illegal immigration and its far-reaching consequences. The conservative perspective emphasizes the importance of upholding the rule of law, protecting national security, and ensuring the integrity of immigration processes. As the situation in Colony Ridge continues to evolve, it is imperative for policymakers to act decisively to safeguard the interests of American citizens and uphold the principles that underpin the nation’s immigration system.


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