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A New Year Record Breaking 117% Jump In NYPD Resignations

New York City cops are resigning at a record-breaking levels this year as the NYPD’s shocking departure continues, according to new information received  by The Post.

“The NYPD staffing emergency is approaching the point of no return,” said Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch.

The alarming  stats show 239 officers stamped out in January and February, a 36% increase from the 176 who fled in the same period last year and an incredible  117% jump from the 110 in 2021, NYPD pension data show.

That’s the highest number of resignations for the first two months of a year since 250 members quit in 2007 during a contentious contract dispute, “The NYPD needs to be rebuilt from the ground up — it’s unfixable in its current state,” a veteran Manhattan cop told The Post.

NYPD resignations have skyrocketed in 2023.

“It’s not just politics and poor pay,” the officer said.

“Precinct cops are being forced to work an inhumane amount of overtime, including on their days off, while being penalized for minor uniform and administrative infractions.”

“Meanwhile, precincts barely have enough personnel to meet the minimum required to safely answer 911 calls.”

Some officers are so disgusted that the carrot of an NYPD pension isn’t even enough to keep them in.

At the current rate, 1,400 cops are projected to resign this year before qualifying for retirement — even more than last year’s record 1,297 early exits.

Incredibly, 21 cops walked away from the job in just a two-day period — Feb. 20 and 21 — to join the MTA, police sources said.

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The Manhattan cop said the department simply “doesn’t know how to manage personnel.

“Hundreds of cops are being hidden under fake assignments or assigned to headquarters sitting at a desk all day and are considered ‘untouchable’ for patrol or enforcement duty because they have high-ranking supervisors protecting them,” he seethed.


New York City’s Finest are also bailing because of what they consider anti-cop politics, woke bail reform policies that make criminal justice a revolving door and low wages.

“We are losing cops to better pay and benefits in other policing jobs almost every day,” said Lynch, who reps 22,000 uniformed officers.

The exodus began after Minnesota cop Derek Chauvin murderedGeorge Floyd on May 25, 2020, triggering nationwide protests and calls to defund the police.

“The allure and luster of the NYPD is gone for now. They need to restore that,” said Spero Georgedakis, 52, a former Miami SWAT team officer who helps recruit and relocate New York City cops to Florida departments.

Georgedakis, who grew up in Queens wanting to be a member of New York’s Finest, runs ads to coax cops to the Sunshine State.

“We had four or five New York City police officers reach out to us last week,” he said. “They saw the spots, and we gave them [salary] quotes.”


Georgedakis said “the standard story” he gets from NYPD cops is that “the job is impossible to do.”


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Ella Ford is a mother of two, a Christian conservative writer with degrees in American History, Social and Behavioral Science and Liberal Studies, based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.


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