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A Naked Woman Shoots Cars At San Francisco Bay Bridge

A naked woman was arrested after firing a gun at cars in traffic at the Bay Bridge in San Francisco Tuesday afternoon.

No one was reported injured in the incident. The woman reportedly first exited her car in traffic brandishing a knife.

She then drove down the road and stopped again, this time exiting the car after stripping off her clothes and wandered the traffic lanes firing a handgun.

Screen image via KPIX-TV/YouTube.

Witnesses recorded the bizarre incident. The first video shows the naked woman exiting her car in the middle of the road. The second shows her roaming, shooting at cars–two apparent gunshot can be heard.

Statement by the California Highway Patrol on the incident via KRON-TV:

“At approximately 4:38 PM, the California Highway Patrol Golden Gate Communications Center received a 911 call reporting a reckless driver traveling eastbound on Interstate 80. The caller advised dispatchers that … the female driver brandished a firearm at them before speeding off. The suspect briefly stopped in traffic lanes and exited her vehicle where she brandished a knife and started yelling at drivers in other vehicles. The suspect then reentered her vehicle and continued driving eastbound. As the suspect approached the SFOBB toll plaza, she once again stopped the vehicle and exited, now completely naked, with a firearm in her hand. Witnesses reported that the suspect then began shooting the firearm in the air before firing shots at other vehicles nearby. There have been no reports of injuries as a result of the shooting.”


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