A Drag Queen is Currently #1 on ITunes Christian Album Chart

A drag queen is currently holding the top spot on the iTunes Christian album chart.

Flamy Grant’s single “Good Day” was propelled to number one after a Twitter spat with Christian musician Sean Feucht.

Feucht had tweeted, “If you’re wondering the end goal of the deconstruction movement in the church, then look no further than former worship leader @derekwebb’s new collab with a drag queen. These are truly the last days.”

However, Webb was not a worship leader — but Grant was for over 20 years.

Grant replied, “End goal? Baby, we’re just getting started,” with a kiss emoji.

“Well good for us hardly anyone listens or cares what you do. Bad for you is that one day you’ll sit before Jesus and give an account for the perversion you tried to force on kids. There’s a verse about a millstone to warn you (Matt 18:6),” Feucht responded with a prayer emoji.

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Grant was so troubled by the exchange that he took to TikTok, where he has nearly 85,000 followers, and implored them to help him get his song to number one on the Christian chart.

@flamygrant Sean Feucht thinks that hardly anyone is interested in a worship song by a drag queen. Good Day belongs on the #christianmusic charts, dontcha think? #worshipmusic @Derek Webb #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Flamy Grant

According to a report from Instinct Magazine, “Blake’s first experience with drag as an adult came in late 2019 when he dressed up as a witch for Halloween. Just months later, Flamy Grant was born out of Blake’s efforts to remain sane while homebound during the pandemic. ‘Instead of doing a sourdough starter, I watched lots of makeup tutorials. I started a livestream where I would dress up in drag and cover songs.’”

“At one point, Blake’s pastor asked him to give a sermon in drag. So, Blake made a TikTok video to practice – and the clip went viral garnering nearly a million views. Reading the comments, Blake saw people responding – ‘I feel so seen, I feel so safe here’ – and that’s when everything clicked. Blake told Paste he realized his drag wasn’t ‘just for me, but for people who felt trapped like I did,’” the report added.

Grant boasted about taking the top spot on Twitter, writing, “If you’re gonna come for a drag queen, you better be ready for how she comes back.She comes back with an army of love.

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