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Germany Considers Reviving Deportations to Afghanistan After Violent Attack

Germany is contemplating a  return to deportations of criminals to Afghanistan, the interior minister said on Tuesday.

Germany stopped repatriating migrants to Afghanistan after the Taliban took power in 2021, because it does not deport people to countries where they are in danger by death.

But after an Afghan refugee was accused of fatally stabbing a police officer in Mannheim last Friday, authorities are now reconsidering this policy.

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According to Modernity news, the attack was carried out by an individual angry at right-wing political activist Michael Stürzenberger for criticizing Islam.

Footage of the incident shows a police officer tackling the wrong person, one of Stürzenberger’s campaign workers, before being stabbed in the neck from behind.

The police officer, named as Rouven L., subsequently died from his injuries after failing to wake from an induced coma.

The suspect subsequently went to school and married a German woman of Turkish origin in 2019, with whom he had two children, Spiegel reported.

Germany’s interior minister said domestic security trumps other considerations

Athough he was initially refused asylum, he was not deported because he was 14 at the time, German tabloid Bild reported.

Authorities reportedly did not view the suspect as a risk and his neighbors later said that he did not appear to harbor extremist beliefs.

“It is clear to me that people who pose a potential threat to Germany’s security must be deported quickly,” Interior Minister Nancy Faeser told reporters.

“I am also quite adamant that Germany’s security interests clearly outweigh the interests of those affected.”

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“That is why we are doing everything possible to find ways to deport criminals and dangerous people to both Syria and Afghanistan,” she added.

In the immediate aftermath, the German government is considering policy shifts that would enable the deportation of Afghan nationals who are deemed a danger to society. Despite previous hesitations due to the volatile security situation in Afghanistan, this recent event has pushed the topic to the forefront of political discourse.

Public opinion appears to be shifting in favor of more stringent measures. A recent poll indicated that a significant majority of Germans support the deportation of migrants who commit serious crimes. This reflects growing frustration over the perceived leniency towards offenders among the migrant population.

Critics of the proposed deportations argue that such measures may violate international humanitarian standards and expose returnees to significant danger. However, proponents contend that Germany cannot afford to be a sanctuary for individuals who pose a threat to public order. The balance between humanitarian obligations and national security is at the crux of this debate.

The case of the Afghan migrant involved in the recent stabbing is not an isolated incident. Similar episodes have intensified the public’s call for a more robust approach to dealing with offenders among the migrant population. This includes expedited legal processes for deportation and enhanced coordination with countries of origin to facilitate returns.

The broader European context also plays a role in this debate. Germany’s decisions on immigration are closely watched by its neighbors, many of whom face similar challenges. A move to resume deportations to Afghanistan could influence broader European Union policies and signal a shift towards more conservative immigration stances across the continent.

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The German government’s final decision on this matter will be a litmus test of its resolve to address the challenges posed by migration and integrate security concerns into its immigration policy framework. As the debate continues, the eyes of both the German public and the international community remain fixed on the country’s next steps.


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