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George Clooney, Julia Roberts Warn of Threat to Democracy if Trump Wins

In a striking declaration, Hollywood icons George Clooney and Julia Roberts voiced their apprehensions at a high-profile fundraiser in Los Angeles, asserting that democracy and the future of American children are imperiled should former President Donald Trump reclaim the White House. The star-studded event, held at the Peacock Theater in the L.A. Live complex, successfully raised approximately $30 million for President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.

Biden campaign raises $28M at Hollywood fundraiser video:

Clooney, addressing the audience, underscored the gravity of the upcoming election. “There’s nothing riding on it except, you know, democracy,” Clooney stated, encapsulating the evening’s predominant theme. Roberts echoed his sentiments, emphasizing the stakes involved: “Just the future, our children’s future, our grandchildren’s future. That’s all that’s at stake right now.”

The event also saw contributions from other prominent celebrities including Jimmy Kimmel, Barbra Streisand, and Jack Black, each voicing concerns about the perceived threats posed by a potential Trump victory. Streisand, for her part, lamented the assault on democracy, praising Biden’s tenure for its legislative achievements.

According to Los Angeles Magazine,

Obama, in trying to appeal to voters who don’t like Trump but aren’t sold yet on Biden, lamented the loss of “a time when we had certain core values that we agreed on.”

“I think part of what has happened over the last several years is we’ve normalized behavior that used to be disqualifying,” Obama said. “We had the spectacle of the nominee of one of the two major parties, sitting in court and being convicted by a jury of his peers on 34 counts.”

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And when the crowd booed when Obama reminded the audience that Trump had tanked the bipartisan immigration plan that Republicans in Washington blocked, the 44th president dusted off an old chestnut.

“Don’t boo,” he said. “Vote.”

Biden freezes before Obama grabs his arm and leads him off stage. Yikes! Video:

Obama also featured prominently, moderating a discussion with Biden and delivering pointed critiques of Trump. He highlighted the normalization of what he deemed previously disqualifying behaviors, referencing Trump’s legal battles and recent convictions as emblematic of broader concerns about his candidacy.

Despite the impressive fundraising, there appears to be a noticeable decline in celebrity enthusiasm for Biden compared to the 2020 election cycle. Many stars who previously supported him have remained silent or distanced themselves, wary of the impact on their personal brands, particularly among younger, progressive demographics who are increasingly disenchanted with the current administration.

These Hollywood proclamations reflect a broader trend where celebrities leverage their platforms to influence political outcomes, often aligning with progressive narratives. This practice raises questions about the intersection of entertainment and politics, and the appropriateness of celebrities dictating political discourse.

Liberal Celebrity Jack Black Speaks at Biden Fundraiser Video:

The assertions made by Clooney and Roberts, while resonant within certain circles, can be viewed as hyperbolic, stoking fear rather than fostering constructive dialogue. Their portrayal of democracy being singularly tied to a Biden presidency dismisses the complex realities and diverse viewpoints of the American electorate.

Moreover, the event’s framing suggests a partisan bias that overlooks the substantive policy debates necessary for a healthy democratic process. The focus on emotional rhetoric over factual discourse does little to bridge the deepening political divides. For many conservatives, this event epitomizes the elite detachment of Hollywood from the lived experiences and genuine concerns of everyday Americans.

Hollywood stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts struck an ominous note at Saturday’s glitzy Los Angeles fundraiser for Joe Biden, warning that “democracy” and “our children’s future” are at risk if former President Donald Trump re-takes the White House in November.

The fundraiser, with its emphasis on high-profile endorsements and substantial financial backing, highlights the significant influence and resources available to Democratic campaigns. This stands in contrast to the grassroots efforts often seen in conservative movements, where local engagement and voter outreach play crucial roles.

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As the 2024 election approaches, the narratives presented by Clooney, Roberts, and their peers will undoubtedly continue to shape public perception. However, it remains essential for voters to critically assess the motivations and implications behind such high-profile endorsements, ensuring that the future of American democracy is shaped by informed and engaged citizenry, rather than celebrity influence alone.


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